2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake New Silk Road China Miss Race officially kicked off

On July 5th, the People's Government of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province and Zhenjiang Water Resources Investment Company jointly sponsored by Xinsi Road (Beijing) Cultural Communications Company, Zhenjiang Culture and Broadcasting Industry Group, Jiangsu Jinshan Lake Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang City Art Theatre, The "2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake New Silk Road China Misse Competition" hosted by Xin Silk Road (Beijing) Model Contest Co., Ltd. held a press conference on the first floor of Beijing Hengji Shopping Mall and announced that the "2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake New Silk Road China Missile News Contest" officially kicked off. At the event, many corporate leaders and industry guests attended the event, and the Sohu network also provided exclusive coverage of the entire event.

Zhenjiang is located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal. It is an important port, industry and trade and tourism city in the Yangtze River Delta. It has successively won national historical and cultural cities, outstanding tourist cities in China, advanced science and technology advanced cities, national sanitary cities, and national environmental protection models. The city, the national public security comprehensive governance outstanding city, the national garden city and so on the title, the air quality index, the quality of life index are located in the forefront of Jiangsu Province. For thousands of years, a spring river water nourishes one of the land and water, giving Zhenjiang the true spirit of Zhenjiang. It moistens one culture, and casts 3000 years of history and culture of Zhenjiang. It flourishes on one side of the economy and urges Zhenjiang for centuries. The vitality of the core cities of Shangqiu and the Yangtze River Delta has created the largest, most beautiful and most promising city lakes in the Yangtze River Delta.

Xin Silk Road is the earliest, largest and most well-known model company in China. As a leader in the Chinese fashion industry, we provide very professional supermodel agency services, large-scale fashion event planning and production, fashion public relations and media communications, and model training. Wait. Through multiple and extensive media resources, we are committed to building a new “Silk Road” for cultural exchange between East and West.

The “Miss China Contest” is a new brand created by New Silk Road model agencies and Zhenjiang together. It is the latest, most beautiful and most fashionable event. The Yangzi River, Jinshan Lake, beautiful people, beautiful scenery, landscapes, and humanities are brilliance. In the near future, Zhenjiang will set off a “beautiful storm” and create a visual feast of fame. This is highly consistent with the recent demands of Zhenjiang for the construction of "Shanshui Garden City" and Jinshan Lake's "great scenic spot, big brand, and big impression." It is believed that through this long-term cooperation in this event, leveraging the “Miss China Contest” as a beautiful event, Zhenjiang, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River, must have completed a beautiful transformation and achieved a magnificent turn.

Different from the traditional draft contest for model selection, this “Miss China 2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake and Xinsi Road” contest will adopt a combination of online and offline participation and selection methods to compete in many aspects. From July 5 to July 26, registration will be available on the Xinshilu Model Agency Website (http://), Sohu Weibo, and the famous luxury website Huha (http://miss.wooha.com/). All women over the age of 16 and under the age of 25 and women over 165cm tall can sign up for participation. Anyone with enough confidence can demonstrate their skills on the Internet stage. The contest will create 10 "popularity awards" among all online registration players, and select outstanding players to enter the sea races under the various divisions. From July 27th to August 10th, will be selected in the network of the sea in the election of Jia Lizhong offline election, then players need to be selected according to the offline selection of the performance of the game, the jury based on the player's appearance, clothing display, talent Show, judge, and judge the player to enter the next stage. Through the first two rounds of the promotion of the players, will be in the Huha Network "2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake New Silk Road China Miss contest" page PK competition. This stage is divided into two rounds. The first round is "Fashion Blockbuster DIY Competition" and the second round is "Show Video PK." It is worth mentioning that in order to reflect the principle of fairness, fairness, openness, and participation of all citizens in the contest, all online contests are selected. The competition uses professional scoring and netizens popularity scoring system, so that the majority of users can help their favorite players. From September 13 to September 23, finalists will be selected at Jinshan Lake in Zhenjiang City. The final 40 players will enter the finals of Jinshan Lake in Zhenjiang City for training in the Miss China Silk Competition, and will finally participate in “Xinsilu” on September 23rd. The final selection of Miss China contest will be judged by the judges will be based on the player's overall performance on the scene a champion, 2 runner-up 2nd, 3rd runner-up, 10 top 10 prizes, 3 wisdom awards, 5 individual awards, respectively: 1. Best temperament award 2, Best vitality award 3, Best body award 4, Best photogenic award 5, Best image award.

In addition to the professionalism and novelty of the competition system, the selection of the legendary town Jiang, which integrates natural beauty, humanistic economy and cultural history, as the final spot is also a major highlight. 8.8 square kilometers of Jinshan Lake, the Yangtze River through the north, the Grand Canal in the south, flows through the millennium context, impregnates the poetic nature of the south of the Yangtze River, and combines the national 5A-class scenic spots Jinshan, Beigushan and Jiaoshan into a “pearl necklace”. The finals venue - the White Lady Nizi Love Culture Park Performing Arts Plaza, is located in the west of Jinshan Lake, close to the scenic Jinshan Scenic Area. Jinshan is unique in shape and natural in nature. It is famous for its characteristics of “Temple-wrapping the mountain”. It has long enjoyed the reputation of “a heart with a lotus in the heart of the river” and the love myth of “The Lady of the White Snakes”. He has witnessed Liang Hongyu’s hit. "Relying on gold soldiers" historical legend. This competition will be a creative blend of beautiful people, beautiful scenery, history, and legends.

In addition, this competition has also received strong support from the International College of Renmin University of China. In order to promote the purpose of combining “beauty, wisdom, kindness, and justice”, the three finalists will be set up to win three wisdom award winners from Renmin University of China International College of International High-end Brand Management Master Program in cooperation with the Marseille School of Business in France - a full scholarship for luxury goods.

From now on, "2011 Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake New Silk Road China Miss Competition" online registration immediately opened, who will be able to pressure Qunfang, Xiaoshan Jinshan Lake, win the beautiful wisdom award, we will wait and see.

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