After the end of August, 70% of the province's pork prices rose, aquatic products continued to rise

The Baina Net reporter was informed that the monitoring results of the national agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials price quota system showed that the prices of meat and aquatic products continued to rise on September 12th. In addition, prices of vegetables and fruits generally rose, while edible oil prices fluctuate slightly. The prices of eggs, processed oils and milk were basically the same as before and remained stable.

It is reported that since mid-July, the country's pork prices have experienced a new round of rising, gradually stabilizing in the momentum of continued rise. After the end of August, the price of pork once again ushered in a slight increase, and the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday even pushed this increase to a small climax. The results of the test data show that compared with August 20th and September 12th, the national price of post-crop pork and pork pork rose by 2.3% and 1.8% respectively.

From a regional perspective, about 70% of the city's pork prices continue to rise. Among them, the prices of pork in Yunnan, Hunan, and Guangdong were the most significant, and they all ranged from 6.0% to 10%.

In aquatic products, grass carp and carp rose more than 1% to 1.8% and 1.2% respectively, while prices of carp, tilapia and octopus rose by 0.9%, 0.8% and 0.2% respectively.

Among the 21 vegetable prices tested, 16 species of vegetable prices rose, 4 prices were basically the same, and 1 price fell.

Among the 16 kinds of vegetables with rising prices, prices of cowpea, pepper, bitter gourd, green onion, cucumber, eggplant, cayenne pepper, white radish, celery, spinach, rape, lettuce, green beans, and onion all increased by 1.0% to 3.0%. The price of Chinese cabbage and garlic rose within 1.0%.

In addition, the four vegetables with basically the same prices were tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, and ginger; while the vegetables with lower prices were carrots, a drop of 0.5%.

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