Beijing house prices fall sharply in September will be a new low

The number of real estate transactions in Beijing declined sharply in 2009. From August 1 to 20, the total number of new and second-hand housing transactions was only 8076 units, a record low at the beginning of the year.

The transaction volume of the Beijing property market fell from early April to early July of this year. The turnover of Beijing residential buildings increased from 8,977 to 11,179. In the first half of August, Beijing's total trading volume was 8,076, a declining trend, which was a drop of 28% compared with July, and it stopped trading since April.

The decline in the supply of the property market in early and mid-August was the lowest since the beginning of 2009. According to statistics, there are only 8,000 units. The analysis of Centaline Property of Beijing believes that the restrictions on first-tier cities will not relax, and the news that the second-tier and third-tier cities will increase purchase restrictions will increase the wait-and-see sentiment of the market. With the saturation of the market, fewer people have money to buy a house.

Vanke launched a project this weekend, the happiness of a total of 218 units, the volume of 33 sets, the average price of 10,000 yuan / square meter. Vanke's many small batches of push can not change the current decline in housing turnover. In the third quarter, prices were close to the inflection point. From the view of house turnover in August, the turnover of residential housing had a downward trend. However, the price of the property market has also undergone new changes. According to statistics, in July all four Tier 1 cities had their daily limit, and the nation’s housing prices were in a stalemate. It is expected that they will turn down in the third quarter.

Many real estate properties in Beijing have started to change their prices, and various preferential policies have been adopted to encourage the purchase of houses, such as down payment installments, special housing, and so on. To ease the pressure caused by falling trading volume. Now some real estate companies have already felt the pressure caused by the surrounding real estate projects. As a result, the opinions of the sales strategy began to diverge. However, if it is necessary to adjust prices, it still needs more housing companies to take the lead.

The market entry forecast for the month of September saw more than 30 housing developers take the initiative to make profits, so that the homes could speed up the sales season of “Jin 9” and let the major housing developers start to make a decision. According to the Beijing property market advance notice released last weekend, the real estate opportunities announced that Beijing will There are 30 real estate volume, a record high this year's opening. It is also hoped that the market will be activated through "Golden Nine".

The reporter of Baina Net learned that the average transaction price of the open ocean side opened in June was 22,000 yuan/square meter. At this stage of the situation, Ren Qixin, deputy general manager of Yahao, believes that developers have the dual pressure of cash flow and inventory. National housing companies should increase their flexibility, take the initiative to profit, and quickly ship.

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