China's First "Internet Citizens Entertainment Index Report" Announces the Advent of the Internet

On January 12th, 2012, the sixth edition of Tencent's Starlight Grand Prix was held in Sanya. Tencent partnered with Art Enquiry to exclusively publish the "2011 Internet User Entertainment Index Report" and announced the "Top Ten Entertainment Index of the Year". Based on an in-depth understanding of the report, Sun Zhonghuai, Tencent's vice president, pointed out: "The era of consumer spending on China's net democratic entertainment is coming."

The “2011 Netizen Entertainment Index Report” accurately analyzed the user’s entertainment orientation for the first time, through the annual top ten entertainment events, entertainment figures, and entertainment topics; the top ten hot movies, TV dramas, and hit songs of the year; the top ten star microblogs and the top ten The data analysis of the fan group and the top ten microblog entertainment officials made a clear judgment on the development trend of the Chinese entertainment industry.

The report shows that in 2011, China’s entertainment industry has shown new features - new media such as Weibo have given Internet users greater access to entertainment, and the rise of video sites and e-commerce sites has given Internet users greater choice. The demands of netizens are increasingly obvious in the direction of the Chinese entertainment industry; a new online fan economy is taking shape; online movies and online music have become the first major channel of communication, and the Internet and Taiwan TV broadcasts have become new trends in television dramas. It is not difficult to see that all new trends are sending a signal - the age of the Chinese network, the democratic guide, entertainment and consumption is coming to an all-time, and the trend of online media to promote the transformation of the entertainment industry has already taken shape.

As a professional business value research report, the objectivity of its data and the scientific nature of the evaluation system have become the focus of attention. Yan Shouzhi, General Manager of Art Entrepreneur Consulting, believes that: “The data base of the “2011 Internet User Entertainment Index Report” is composed entirely of objective data actually generated by netizens such as page views, user visits, keyword searches, and postings. Tencent, China's largest Internet user platform, has ensured the acquisition of large quantities of research samples, and it has finally been synthesized using rigorous data collection and compilation methods.” More industry insiders have also conducted a professional evaluation of the report: “In view of its accurate data Based on research and careful analysis, the "2011 Internet User Entertainment Index Report" will become a powerful tool for promoting the lean and deep development of the entertainment industry."

Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent, expressed Tencent's original intention of releasing the "2011 Internet User Entertainment Index Report": "Tencent is an Internet with multiple platforms such as Tencent, Tencent Weibo, Tencent Video, QQ Space, Soso and QQ Music. On the media platform, we covered almost all Internet users' access to entertainment information.This year we first used Tencent platform's massive data collection for users, through professional analysts and commentators, to sort out and analyze the market conditions of the entertainment industry in 2011, and to pass the white paper. The report form provides an annual entertainment key index for the entertainment industry in China, and hopes to use Tencent's media platform to contribute valuable statistics, analysis and judgment to the entertainment industry."

Liu Xiaolin, Chief Operating Officer of China Entertainment Media Group, Liu Tong, Associate General Manager of the Optical Media Program Department, Qi Shouzhi, General Manager of Art Media Consulting, and industry opinion leaders such as renowned author and scholar Ma Jiahui, who hosted the event's host, came to the scene and expressed their passion for the following comments: : The "2011 Internet User Entertainment Index Report" is China's first assessment report that accurately analyzes the orientation of user entertainment and presents the development trend of the entertainment industry. It will assist the fine and chained development of China's entertainment industry.

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