China's top ten tourism events in 2009

[May Point Network] In 2009, China's tourism industry was ups and downs. Which events were most impressive and had the greatest impact on tourists? Recently, China's largest online travel service company announced its annual...

[May Point Network] In 2009, China's tourism industry was ups and downs. Which events were most impressive and most affected by tourists? Recently, China's largest online travel service company,, announced the top ten tourism events of the year. The launch of the "Taiwan Tour", "Shanghai Disney Project has been approved by the state", "hot travel coupons around the country", "late check-out to break the 12-point check-out system", and the official implementation of the "Travel Agency Regulations" were selected.

The selection of this annual tourism event lasted for one month, and was selected by the Ctrip Travel Network expert group and voted by thousands of netizens and travelers from all over the country. According to Tang Wei, vice president of, it can be seen from the number of votes that travellers are very concerned about the attractive destinations and tourism projects such as Taiwan Tour and Disney. The social repercussions of travel coupons, late check-outs, etc. The State Council's "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry" has gained a high degree of recognition, indicating that the new strategic direction of the tourism industry has been shared by the whole society.

The top ten tourist events in 2009 are:

1. Regular direct flights between the two sides of the strait will launch a hot tour of Taiwan.

On August 31, regular direct flights between the two sides of the strait were officially launched. With the relaxation of travel conditions, regular direct flights and the sharp drop in tourist prices, Taiwan has quickly become one of the most popular outbound tourism destinations this year. This year, the number of mainland residents going to Taiwan will reach 600,000, an increase of more than 200%.

2, Shanghai Disney project obtained national approval

On November 4th, Shanghai announced that the Shanghai Disney project application report has been approved by the relevant state departments. This project has signed a cooperation framework agreement in 2009 after years of contact and negotiation between China and the United States. Disney officially settled in Shanghai.

3, hot push travel coupons everywhere

The 2009 “Travel Coupon” and Panda Card became a tourist buzzword. Preliminary statistics This year, dozens of provinces and cities in China have issued billions of travel coupons. Among them, the Panda Card issued in Chengdu and the 2 million free tickets issued in Beijing are the most prominent. Tourist network application has also become a highlight.

4, late check out to break the "12 o'clock check-out system"

Since June this year, more than 700 hotels in the United Nations in Ctrip have launched late check-out activities in major cities in the country. With the continuous impact of the event, the “12-point check-out system” implemented by the industry for many years has been broken. The "China Tourism Hotel Industry Code" revised in August 2009 deleted the "more than 12 points plus half-day room rate, more than 18 points plus one day room rate".

5, the "Travel Agency Regulations" officially implemented

On May 1, the "Travel Agency Regulations" promulgated by the State Council was officially implemented. Many industry “hidden rules” including zero-negative group fees, compulsory shopping, and change of travel have been suspended. Since the implementation of the “Travel Agency Regulations”, the tourism industry has accelerated the survival of the fittest, low-price competition has been effectively supervised, tourism consumption has become transparent, and “quality tour” has been further upgraded.

6. China Eastern Airlines merged with civil aviation industry restructuring

In 2009, China's civil aviation industry, which suffered from the international financial crisis, began to adjust its industry. State-owned airlines have received government capital injections and mergers and reorganizations. From the announcement of the restructuring plan on July 13 to the formal approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on November 30, Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines confirmed that they will achieve merger and reorganization.

7, Sichuan tourism fully restored

According to statistics at the end of 2009, Sichuan tourism has achieved three major growths in domestic, inbound and outbound tourism. Overcoming the adverse effects of the global financial crisis and the Wenchuan earthquake, the overall level has recovered to the pre-earthquake level, most of which was affected by the earthquake. The scenic area has surpassed the pre-earthquake level through restoration and reconstruction.

8, high-speed rail successively opened the impact of short-distance routes

In 2009, a number of high-speed railways were opened, and civil aviation competed strongly against medium- and short-distance routes. On November 16, the Chongqing-Chengdu route was officially suspended. Airlines have opened the Air Express to reduce fares. For passengers, there are more choices for travel, and transportation costs are greatly reduced.

9. The State Council issued the "Opinions" to establish the strategic pillar industry status of tourism

On November 25th, the State Council executive meeting discussed and approved in principle the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism", and it is necessary to cultivate tourism into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and a modern service industry that the people are more satisfied with. This has pointed out the direction for the new round of development of China's tourism industry.

10, a stream impacts the tourist market

Since May this year, the spread of the H1N1 flu epidemic has caused heavy losses in the tourism industry, especially in the inbound and outbound tourism market. In order to stimulate tourists' enthusiasm for travel, airlines, hotels and travel agencies have launched more price concessions, and many outbound travel routes have reached the lowest level in history. (PChome)

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