China plans to accelerate the development of service outsourcing industry

The first “China (Guangzhou) Service Outsourcing Cooperation and Development Fair” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Trade Fair”) jointly sponsored by China International Investment Promotion Association and Guangzhou Municipal Government will be held in Guangzhou at the end of February. At the press conference held today (8th), Zhou Ming, executive vice president of the China International Investment Promotion Association, said that China will further implement the support policy and promote the accelerated development of the service outsourcing industry.

Service outsourcing refers to the outsourcing of its non-core business and the use of an external professional team to undertake business, so that it can focus on its core business to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, core competitiveness and environmental resilience. Management mode.

In recent years, the service outsourcing industry is booming in China with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%, and in the process of undertaking a new round of global industrial transfer, it has promoted the transformation of Chinese industries from "Made in China" to "Services in China." According to the latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the scale of China's service outsourcing industry exceeded RMB 270 billion in 2010, a year-on-year increase of 35%.

Zhou Ming, executive vice president of the China International Investment Promotion Association, said that although there are many service outsourcing bases in China, there is a lack of diversity among these cities.

Zhou Ming said: “The formulation of China’s overall concept of service outsourcing development strategy is a China-differentiated urban development strategy. This was after the Ministry of Commerce launched the 'Hundreds of Thousands of Projects' in 2006. At that time, all model cities were Doing service outsourcing, however, this homogenization tends to attract international buyers' perceptions of China's development strategy.

In order to accelerate the development of the service outsourcing industry, in recent years, China has continuously optimized its policy environment, identified 20 service outsourcing model cities, and issued more than 30 policies in terms of finance, taxation, finance, telecommunications, and intellectual property protection, and fully supported service outsourcing. Industrial Development. Of the six special plans announced by China this year in the business sector, special service outsourcing plans will become one of them. The plan specifically mentioned that we must actively undertake the transfer of international industries and coastal industries, nurture the formation of a number of international processing and manufacturing bases, and service outsourcing bases; innovate support policies and increase service outsourcing demonstration cities. Zhou Ming said that the improved infrastructure has become the basis for promoting the development of the service outsourcing industry in China. In 2009, the State Council of China approved 20 cities including the Eastern, Central, and Western regions as China’s service outsourcing model cities, which enabled a new nationwide allocation of capital, information, technology, and labor resources. China's promotion of a model city with national brands and differentiation will lead to an orderly and balanced development of the service outsourcing industry:

Zhou Ming said: “Differentiation is very important. If there is no difference between cities, then our industry needs to develop rapidly. It is very difficult for us to truly differentiate our cities with strong industrial foundations. We suggest that in order to promote this industry in China, there must be national brands and differentiated model cities so that the industry can achieve orderly and balanced development."

It is understood that this year's "service fair" as the theme of "the increasingly active domestic market and service procurement opportunities", the opening ceremony and summit forum, seminars, analysts lectures, one-on-one consultation and other links. The symposium will combine the characteristics of local industries in Guangzhou and focus on the three industries of financial services, pharmaceutical R&D, and telecommunications services.

Take Guangzhou, the host city of the “Service Trade Fair” as an example, Guangzhou is a city that has earlier developed a customer service center in China. At present, the number of customer seats in the Pearl River Delta region with Guangzhou as the center accounts for a quarter of the country. From January to October this year, the total amount of service outsourcing contracts in Guangzhou reached 2.92 billion U.S. dollars, and the scale ranks in the forefront of service outsourcing demonstration cities nationwide. Xiao Zhenyu, director of the Guangzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, said that Guangzhou will use this “service fair” to further develop Guangzhou into an Asia-Pacific region with distinctive, largest and most competitive Asia-Pacific customer service centers:

Xiao Zhenyu said: “Guangzhou’s macroeconomic development, especially the establishment of our modern industrial system, has made the service industry, especially service outsourcing, a carrier for development and a service target. Guangzhou’s development of the equipment manufacturing industry is also known as advanced technology. Manufacturing, high technology, and our other service industries have developed service outsourcing for us, laying a good foundation for us and laying a good platform.”

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