China Plum Flower Pot Exhibition opens at Beijing Botanical Garden

The 2011 China Plum Blossom Boutique Exhibition opened at the Beijing Botanical Garden, which played the prelude to the Spring Festival event.
This exhibition displays a total of more than 10 varieties of plum bonsai from Jiangsu, Shandong, Chengdu and Beijing, a total of more than 200 pots. Among them, there are more than 3 meters tall "big tree" bonsai, there are also more than 40 centimeters of small bonsai, there are elegant and generous ancient bonsai, there are unique shapes of modern bonsai.
The "big tree" bonsai from Wuxi Fengshimei Flowerpot Garden is a highlight in the exhibition. This plant is regarded as a "giant" in the bonsai. It is 3 meters high and the trunk is thick and thin, showing the shape of a "back snake tail".
In order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival, the Botanic Garden will launch New Year's Eve activities. The 7th Beijing Orchid Exhibition is scheduled to be unveiled on January 28. More than 200 species of tropical orchids will be displayed, and more than 20,000 pots of annual flowers, flower-viewing plants and foliage plants will also be displayed in the greenhouse. On February 1st, the 5th Lamei Spring Invitational Party and the 1st Maitreya Cultural Festival will be launched at the Reclining Buddha Temple. Cultural events such as Lame Science Exhibition, New Year's Blessing, Riddles, and Maitreya Couplet will lead the people to enjoy a deep taste of the year.
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