Comprehensive development of urban and rural tourism industry

The Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held the city's urban and rural overall development conference in Hangzhou and conducted a signing ceremony for cooperation between urban and rural tourism enterprises. Fully reflects the municipal government and the municipal government attaches great importance to the development of the tourism industry. In the future, Hangzhou will strengthen cooperation between urban and rural tourism enterprises, and pay more attention to the coordinated development of urban and rural tourism.
Since the reform and opening up, Hangzhou's tourism industry has been transformed from its original “reception business” to the “leading industry”, “pillar industry” and “core industry” in the service industry with its leap-forward development speed. Tourism has become the aorta of Hangzhou's economic development. It is the “treasure bowl” of Hangcheng and the “shaking money tree” of the people. It is of great significance and far-reaching significance. At the same time, if the tourism industry wants to achieve sustainable development, it must undergo industrial transformation and upgrading, and the coordinated development of the urban and rural areas is the inherent requirement for the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry. Only by insisting on the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and effectively utilizing the blue seas of the five western counties (cities) and fully integrating the tourism resources of cities, counties, and cities, can we take advantage of the pioneering role of the tourism industry in the overall development of early urban and rural areas in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry. The process can comprehensively promote the coordinated and sustainable development of the urban and rural tourism industry, and accelerate the integration of counties and cities into the metropolis of Hangzhou.
There are more than 50 companies participating in the signing ceremony today, including travel agencies, tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. They are the most active, active and core elements in promoting tourism development. At the meeting, four levels of corporate twinnings were arranged, namely: the pairing of urban scenic spots and county-city scenic spots, the pairing of urban travel agencies and county-city scenic spots, the pairing of urban travel agencies and county and city travel agencies, and the pairing of urban hotels and county hotels. Urban enterprises include five-star hotels and restaurants: Shimao Junyi Hotel, Kaiyuan Mingdu, Sofitel Xihu Hotel, and five-star quality travel agencies: China Travel Service in Zhejiang Province and Zhongqing International Travel Service in Zhejiang Province. The companies in the counties and cities include Fuchunjiang Tourism Co., Ltd., Qiandaohu Scenic Area, and Fuyang Zhejiang Nanguo Hotel.
The cooperation agreement signed today is based on the different operating modes of travel agencies, scenic spots, and hotel industries. It is based on the requirements of “bringing townships together, taking large and small cities, sharing education in the market, sharing experiences, sharing information, and developing for a win”. "Practical, Practical, Effective" is a principle that has been formulated by extensively listening to the opinions of the cooperative companies. The content of the cooperation involves many aspects, including information exchange and communication, product cooperation and innovation, talent cultivation and development, promotion of quality promotion, mutual promotion of customers and sources, sharing and sharing of resources. The forms of cooperation are various, and the cooperation between the hotel industry includes five aspects of the exchange training for mid-to-high-level administrators, central booking system, and customer relationship management system database maintenance. Between the travel agency and the travel agency, cooperation is promoted from the five aspects of product promotion and quality improvement. The scenic spots and scenic spots focus on cooperation from five aspects of product joint promotion and management economic exchange. Between the travel agency and the scenic spot, it focuses on cooperating from source transport and ticket sales.
Next, the tourism industry in Hangzhou will expand its scope. Apart from expanding hotels, travel agencies, and scenic spots in cities and counties, it will also expand the scope of the twinning to relevant enterprises in the city's top 10 industries with potential characteristics, and effectively implement cross-industry cooperation. To achieve a great integration of the tourism industry. The contents of cooperation are more abundant, and the space for cooperation is becoming larger and larger, the carriers for cooperation are increasing, the projects for cooperation are becoming more and more real, and the matters of cooperation are becoming more and more effective. We must also strengthen cooperation guidance. The municipal tourism administration department will fully promote the urban and rural coordination of the tourism industry, strengthen the guidance of tourism planning for five counties (cities), increase the policies and financial support for tourism in five counties, and speed up the promotion of five. The construction of county and city tourism projects will increase the promotion of tourism products in counties and cities, comprehensively deepen the twinning cooperation between urban and county and city tourism enterprises, build cooperation platforms, expand the space for cooperation, enrich the contents of cooperation, and innovate cooperation methods. To enhance the effectiveness of the cooperation, the city’s more tourism companies will eventually achieve substantial benefits and development in the overall urban-rural cooperation.
Zhang Jianting, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, said at the conference that the purpose of co-ordinating the promotion of the Hangzhou tourism market is to establish a tourism brand and take the overall image of Hangzhou “Oriental City of Leisure and Quality of Life” as the leading brand, and to start the city of sports and leisure in Fuyang. “Jinde” “Xinliang World Xin'anjiang”, “An Oasis of the Mind” of Pan’an, “Tonglu” and “Large Tree Kingdom of the Forest World” and other tourism sub-brands, formed a major brand leading the support of many sub-brands. Tourism brand system.
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