Continuing long positions in the United States and Japan, the euro bears no pressure

On Monday afternoon (December 26th) in Asian afternoon, the EUR/USD oscillated sideways and traded around 1.3050. The USD/JPY oscillated sideways and traded around 78.00.

The latest report released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission shows that the net short position of EUR/USD in the market last week (as of December 20th) totaled US$18.6 billion, which is only 2% lower than the previous week. In the past week, the investor’s short position in the euro’s net position reached the highest level in at least four years.

In addition to betting on the euro's decline, the market seems to have been flattening investors by the end of the year. The net position for multiple yen/dollars fell to the lowest level since early July. As the debt crisis in Europe continues and the market is also concerned about the U.S. and global economic growth, the yen has been regarded as one of the best safe haven currencies. The net position for multiple yen last week totaled $3.9 billion, a 31% decrease from the previous week.

Market speculators made a multi-dollar net position totaling $17.6 billion.

LCL Consolidation

Were canvassing by the carrier and container freight station or inland freight station concentrated, and after two votes more than the goods are consolidated in a container, the same should be delivered in each container freight station or inland station unpacking destination.

Consolidation can be divided into straight fight or turn fight, fight straight refers piece goods inside the container at the same port handling, without unpacking the goods before arrival at destination, namely goods for the same port of discharge. Such consolidation services transported short, convenient, general strength of the consolidation company will provide such services. Transsplicing refers to the port of destination is not the same goods in the container, the need in the middle of unpacking discharge or transfer. Such goods due to different destination, a long time until the boat and other factors, it is transported long period, even higher shipping

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