Do real estate developers have to "second"?

Of the 8 state-owned construction lands that were listed and transferred in Jinan City, 6 lands have entered the on-site bidding stage. These lands have attracted strong developers such as China Shipping Real Estate, Shandongbei Resources, China Railway Tenth Bureau Property and Shandong Gold Real Estate. Among them, the two plots also attracted dozens of turns to raise the cards. Did these signals indicate that the land market in Jinan has rebounded? Do real estate developers have to change "two"?

The on-site staff introduced that there was a certain relationship between the number of bids by the bidding companies and the rate of price increase. The increase in the bidding price was usually 2 million or 5 million, and the increase like 10 million was relatively small. This way of increasing prices also caused fierce competition for placards. From the point of view of the transaction price of “grabbing” the site, although the transaction price is higher than the total price, the unit price and floor price are not high.

With the transaction value of 2011-G049, which was sold for 694 million yuan, the transaction price was equivalent to approximately 5.85 million yuan per mu, which was calculated as the floor space rate. After completion, the floor price was 33.73 million yuan per square meter. Another highly competitive plot of 2011-G050 was sold for 283 million yuan, equivalent to about 4.72 million yuan per mu. Calculated on the floor volume rate, the floor price after completion was approximately 2,527 yuan/square meter.

Many famous enterprises have come to the competition, why is the enthusiasm of developers in Jinan? The relevant person in charge of the Northeast Northeast Grand Resources stated that based on the two lands in which they participated in the auction, the area of ​​the land is not very large, and the starting price is not relatively high, plus the location of the land is relatively good, attracting so much Business is also a normal phenomenon. Some plots have attracted companies to take turns holding cards fifty or sixty times, showing a "willingness to win." This also shows that the developer's funds are adequate, and the land can be put into development immediately after it is handed.

Yu Qing, a provincial town real estate commentator, said that in the third quarter, for the normal development of enterprises, it was a normal response to get together at this time. Under the regulated environment, the developers were generally quite rational in taking the land.

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