Follow the pace of the star "Love Buddhism" to spend the honeymoon

Happy sweet trip

Marriage and travel are in fact the same – it takes two people to walk hand in hand, but the former’s journey is longer and it’s a lifetime.

Dear you, when preparing to go along with TA on your path to life, have you ever thought of traveling together before or after your marriage, or simply picking a beautiful place to travel and get married?

Many celebrity couples and celebrities have already done so. Their happy steps have passed through the classical church of Florence, the blue coast of Seychelles, and the holy lake of Shangri-La. These may be your sweet reference.

Reference Love in Ibiza

Star Lovers:

Gigi Leong & Sergio

Gigi Leung, a former female idol, met her husband Sergio while traveling in Spain in March this year. On October 4, the couple married Lightning after seven months of acquaintance. With their equally brilliant smiles, they chose to hold a wedding in Ibiza, Spain, to witness the sweet love between the blue sky and the blue sea.

Sweet Spot: Ibiza, Spain

Looking up at Ibiza from a height, you can see the curved shoreline of limestone. The transparent seawater, which is composed of light blue, blue to dark blue, and the house with a brown roof and a white house wall form a pure and bright picture.

This island, which has a population of less than 80,000 people, has been known since the 10th century BC for connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the African continent. At the end of the 1960s, it became a countercultural paradise because of the hippie movement. Its relaxed and cheerful atmosphere has continued to this day and it has become a favorite resort for Spaniards. Light-colored casual wear is the best fit for the casual atmosphere on the island.

Sweet must-see attractions:

Salisness: It is surrounded by sea on three sides, and the meandering coastline is dotted with white sandy beaches, including Spain’s first celestial beach. Being in it, you can completely remove the shackles and get in touch with the sun without feeling ashamed. Salinis is also an important habitat for waterfowl on their way to migration.

Santa Eularia: The second largest city in Ibiza, known for its well-preserved 16th-century monuments. The remains of the Roman Bridge and the Roman cemetery are worth a visit. In addition, after walking uphill to Mount Misa, you can also visit the fortress-style church that is more than 400 years old.

St. Anthony: St. Anthony is the island's main tourist center, consisting of the parish of St. Agnes of Corona, the parish of St. Mattua of Arbalca and the parish of St. Raphael of Volkach. The parish church built in the 14th century is one of the most visited places of interest in the city.

Travel Tips:

Transportation: Ibiza has an international airport and is connected to major European cities via direct flights. Visitors can also take a fixed cruise route from Barcelona, ​​Majorca or Menorca and enjoy the ocean views along the route.

Accommodation: Pikes is the most prestigious top hotel in Ibiza, with only 26 rooms. It received international superstars such as Naomi Campbell, Spice Girls and Kylie Milo, and stayed overnight for RMB 7500 during the peak season. But value for money.

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