Guided localization changes, institutionalization and institutionalization

As an excellent tourist city in China, Xiamen attracts more and more guides from other provinces (cities) across the country to Xiamen for guided tours. Therefore, accepting changes in training and evaluation of guides in different places becomes a must for Xiamen tour guide management and tourism talent introduction. Institutionalized work.
In recent years, the number of guided tourists who have changed from places to places in Xiamen has continuously increased. According to incomplete statistics, only from 2008 to 2010 through training assessment, Xiamen has accepted more than 460 foreign tour guides, so the tourism training center is also constantly strengthening this work. Scientific and institutionalized construction. According to the guidebook management measures formulated by the National Tourism Administration on the basis of the “Guidelines for the Management of Tour Guides”, after reporting to the Fujian Provincial Tourism Administration, Xiamen has formed a whole set of working procedures for the exchanging of tour guides in different places. Organize standardized guide theory and on-site training in Xiamen scenic area. After training, trainees will be interviewed by Xiamen tour guides. The qualified tour guides can apply for reissuance of tour guide IC cards and start working as tour guides in Xiamen.
In the course of this work, Xiamen Tourism Training Center continuously improved the effect of training by changing the form of teaching seminars. It also carefully selected training materials, invited excellent teachers and senior tour guides, and conducted changes to tour guides in different places participating in each training session. Retraining systematically and improving the quality of tour guides; organizing relevant team development activities to enhance their identity and sense of honor after changing to Xiamen in different places, and then through standardized interview evaluation, strive to introduce qualified and excellent tourism for Xiamen tourism. Tour guides.
A few days ago, Xiamen had already completed the change of the guides in other places in the year 2010. In the whole year, it organized five changes in the training of other places (including a temporary increase in the arrival of moving trains in Xiamen). The number of people enrolled in the year was 285. The number of new tour guides in different places has approached half of Xiamen’s new tour guides in 2010. According to the change of geographical structure, the guides who registered for the change in 2010 were from 24 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.
It is worth mentioning that, at the end of April 2010, when the Xiamen-Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway opened, the Xiamen Tourism Training Center simplifies the training and examination process, and specifically organizes a change of training in advance for travel agencies and tour guide service companies for the “May 1st” tourism. The peak did a good job of preparation.
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