Hangzhou Tourism Talent Training Conference Held in Hangzhou

The Hangzhou Tourism Talent Training Conference was held in Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel. At the meeting, relevant leaders of Hangzhou City awarded the Zhejiang Kaiyuan Tourism Group, which was awarded the first batch of demonstration pilots of national tourism talent development, Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to the Hangzhou Tourism Talent Development Demonstration Base.
At the tourism talent training conference, Zhejiang Kaiyuan Tourism Group and the person in charge of Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd. introduced the experience. Leaders and representatives from the conference exchanged ideas on tourism professionals.
It was learned from today’s training meeting that in order to enhance the service level of Hangzhou, an international tourism and leisure center city, Hangzhou will pay more attention to the introduction of tourism talents, and the training of tourism talents will be normalized.
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