Hong Kong Tour: Tour guides should not be a barrier

[May Point Network] Since Chen Youming's Hong Kong tourism was forced to shop and die, the Hong Kong tour guide forced the mainland tourists to shop for video exposure, and successive group purchase disputes caused the Hong Kong tourism scandal to continue. People are not sages...

[May Point Network] Since Chen Youming's Hong Kong tourism was forced to shop and die, the Hong Kong tour guide forced the mainland tourists to shop for video exposure, and successive group purchase disputes caused the Hong Kong tourism scandal to continue.

People are not sages, who can resist the temptation? When tourism becomes a fashion, when leisure vacations become a trend, facing the low-cost travels frequently traveled by travel agencies, saving money and advertising, who is not tempted? As early as the stars are forced to shop and die Before, Hong Kong Tour also had such a “super low-cost Hong Kong tour” for tourists to shop. According to the incomplete statistics of Xinxin Travel Network, in the first quarter of 2010, the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong increased by 18.7%, with a total of more than 5.54 million. There may be a small number of visitors to Hong Kong who are similar to the "insult" incident, but it is by no means an individual phenomenon.

In the major tourist portals, the “zero group fee” and “negative group fees” became the biggest signs in Hong Kong. Due to fierce competition, travel agencies all over the world contacted Hong Kong to find out how to reduce the travel expenses and launch the summer "Chan". Why is the low-cost group such a Hong Kong travel agency so keen to receive it, and it is free? According to industry insiders, the zero tour fee does not actually mean that these people do not have to pay for travel, just that the travel agency did not collect, the local tour guide to the travel agency Pay some fees, then take the group next, and then the travel agency uses the money to pay for the travel expenses. After the tour guide handed the money to the travel agency, he would have to earn the money back, relying on the commission of the shopping, so he would bring these customers to go shopping. If you buy more, the rebate will probably make money, the risk is He may not have earned money, he lost money, or he did not buy it at all, he will lose a lot. It can be seen that this pie has a price.

In Hong Kong, there are two kinds of tour guides. One is to have a fixed salary. The tip is paid for the explanation of the guests. This kind of main reception is a "pure play group", while the other kind has no fixed salary, and the store relies on kickbacks. The ground connection is mainly from the travel agency that picks up a cheap "shopping group." A member of the Hong Kong Registered Tour Guide Association (hereinafter referred to as the Tour Guide Association) said that "the desire and shopping ability of mainland tourists is the strongest, and the income of Hong Kong's land-based agencies is relatively large." The group's value orientation focuses on the shopping desires of mainland tourists' purses. You can not travel to Hong Kong without such a low-cost tour group, but you must shop. In the industry, people call this kind of cheap group a "shopping group", that is, arrange a number of designated shopping spots in the travel itinerary, and obtain the merchants' rebates through the tourists' consumption. On Xinxin Travel Network, Xiaobian learned that the travel group posted by some travel agencies is about 1,600 yuan. During the trip, the shopping malls are clearly written and the time of stay is about 6 hours.

On the CCTV report on the Hong Kong tour guide incident, the price of Hong Kong Xinxin was 1550. Xiaobian interviewed Xinxin Travel Network, the top ten tourist portal in the country. The person in charge of the department told Xiaobian that the shopping group did exist. This is a product of fierce competition in travel agencies. Whether it is a pure play tour or a shopping tour, Xinxin Travel Network will review the route when it announces the route, and put the scenic spots on the line clearly and clearly for the friends to choose. In the future, the drying line will definitely be clear, and provide the most satisfactory service to the friends.

A few days ago, the Mainland and Hong Kong tourism work consultation meeting was held in Beijing. Shao Qiwei expressed appreciation for Hong Kong's efforts in handling the issue of tour guides. Liu Wuhuilan also said that the tourism industry in Hong Kong will further strengthen cooperation with the National Tourism Administration, regulate the order of travel to the mainland, avoid similar incidents, and provide more satisfactory services for mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong. After the Hong Kong tour guide incident, the Hong Kong tourism management department attached great importance to it and set up a task force to strengthen the inspection and management of tour guides; issued new travel guidelines to explain the rights and interests of tourists. In addition, Hong Kong will also open a 24-hour travel complaint hotline to facilitate complaints from visitors to Hong Kong. These measures will all contribute to the healthy and stable development of the tourism market in the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao.

Traveling in Hong Kong, traveling in Hong Kong, traveling is the Lord, or buying is the Lord, in fact, it depends on the best friends. If you only want to enjoy Hong Kong's bustling market, you may wish to choose only "Pure Play" or self-help tour. If you want to shop, you may also want to consider the "shopping group". Anyway, you always have to buy things. It is also a big thing to save the province. Looking at each travel portal alone, the low-cost tour of some travel agencies is the most popular, but when we choose, we might as well think about the ticket ticket, plus the daily diet, there is always a minimum consumption, lower than this. Consumption, we have to ask a question mark. Xiao Bian learned on Xinxin Travel Network that the pure play no-shopping group in Hong Kong is not less than 3000RMB. "There is no free lunch in the world", value for money, and the gains and losses are quite the same. It should be a foothold for us to find a route.

Here, Xiao Bian has a history of lessons learned and summed up some tips for Hong Kong's pre-preparation preparation for everyone to share.

1. Find a formal travel portal to learn about the tourist routes, and find a regular travel agency to sign up. (Can go to the forum to understand word of mouth)

2. Choose a better Hong Kong tour, what is the best quality Hong Kong tour? No designated shopping, no travel agency designated tour group shopping project; no additional fees, no special people

Groups, such as the elderly, children and special occupations, such as teachers, additional costs; no forced self-funded projects, travel agencies outside the itinerary project travel agencies must not force visitors to participate.

3. Look at the price. At present, the most conservative Hong Kong pure play line must be more than 3,000. If you reduce this number, you should see if you have any consumer attractions. "The sky won't drop the pie"

But the golden rule is. Pay and return are always equal.

4. Look at the itinerary, pure play or shopping depends on yourself, ask the situation and then sign the contract, go out to travel to buy is rest assured and happy.

5. Set the itinerary and date, and start preparing things. Bring a UnionPay card, go there and buy a peoples calling card (it is said to be the cheapest) and start off easily.

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