"I love Melbourne" - 佰程旅行网 launched Melbourne Passion Self-driving Tour

[Australian Great Ocean Road] [Using a helicopter to overlook the spectacular scenery] Recently, the travel network launched "I love Melbourne" Australia Great Ocean Road passionate self-driving tour on the 9th, this product is...


[Australian Great Ocean Road]


[With helicopter in the air overlooking the spectacular scenery]

Recently, Yicheng Travel Network launched the "I Love Melbourne" Australian Great Ocean Road Passionate Self-driving Tour on the 9th. This product is a trip to the "I Love Melbourne Voted Popularity Itinerary" in the Victoria Tourism Bureau of Australia. The 42 travel agencies stood out from the competition and won the Platinum Award for Stars.佰程旅行网 "I Love Melbourne" Australia's Great Ocean Road Passionate Self-driving Tour on the 9th, designed a unique self-driving tour, will bring visitors a special Melbourne deep tour experience, especially for self-driving enthusiasts.


[Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral]


[Twelve Apostles]

"I love Melbourne" Australia's Great Ocean Road passionate self-driving tour on the 9th, will start on September 29, the promotion period until the end of December, the price is 26,800 yuan / person. Fully equipped with a business four-star hotel and arrange local Australian specialties, let guests savor the true Australian style. During the tour, guests will drive from Melbourne to Sydney and experience the fun of the scenic Biga and Lakes Entres; ride the Melbourne's winding Blue Coast Highway, the Great Ocean Road, and experience the Ade Canyon. The tranquility and the visual shock of the Twelve Apostles; visit the Sovereign Hill Wildlife Park, the sturdy koala, feeding the kangaroos; the trip network also offers an exclusive ride on the Royal Melbourne carriage experience, with a crisp hooves to browse the charm of Melbourne A beautiful city scenery. It is worth mentioning that "I love Melbourne" Australia's Great Ocean Road passionate self-driving tour on the 9th, the travel network has a number of great gifts to bring guests, including FISH & CHIPS, who must come to Australia to try, Suifenshan Gold Mine's unique Australian-style PIE, Australia's most prestigious “Yong Kee” Vietnamese River Powder, BBQ BBQ Lunch and a sumptuous Western three-course dinner, also offers free upgrades to Showboat Cruises for guests. Enjoy a visit to Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour, enjoy Western food on board, and have a large Australian lobster gift. In Melbourne, your taste buds will be top-notch.


[Victorian Art Center]


[Sydney Fish Market Interior]

The person in charge of the trip network said that he was honored to receive the Platinum Award in the "I Love Melbourne Voted Popularity" Awards of the Victorian Tourism Bureau of Australia and will win the award-winning "I Love Melbourne" Australia Great Ocean Road Passionate Self-driving Tour on the 9th Promote to the majority of domestic tourists.佰程旅行网 aims to create high quality Melbourne tourism products with Chinese characteristics, innovative theme lines and in-depth experience for Chinese tourists. In September and October, it has entered the spring of the southern hemisphere. In the spring season of Australia, it is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Australia.旅游Travel Network Australia travel experts remind visitors that due to the need to prepare more visa application materials, it is recommended to apply for relevant visa procedures 15 days before the trip. Visitors are requested to arrange their own plans to go to Australia, and go to the trip network as soon as possible to apply for the delegation, so that you can apply for a visa in time.


[Sydney Fish Market]


"I Love Melbourne" Australia Great Ocean Road Passionate Self-driving Tour 9th

Departure date: September 29

Departure City: Beijing

Price: 26,800 yuan / person

Line details:


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