JAL bankruptcy shakes global day, fears that JAL may be Japan's tomorrow

Japan’s largest airline, Japan Airlines, filed a formal application for bankruptcy protection with the Tokyo District Court. This "the biggest bankruptcy case of non-financial companies in Japan after the war" made the Japanese media amazed.

Debt record after war

[Medical Network] Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on the 19th that Japan's total liabilities amounted to 2.322 trillion yen (about 175 billion yuan), becoming the bankrupt company with the highest debt in Japan after the war. Kyodo said that the restructuring is expected to lay off 15,600 people and eliminate about 44 billion yen in debt. At the same time, JAL's shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange will also be delisted on February 20. The stock closed at 5 yen per share on the 19th, with a minimum of 3 yen.

Murata Aiko is a flight attendant of JAL. She said in an interview with Global Times on the 19th: "I heard that JAL is bankrupt and many employees are crying." Aiko said that he chose JAL because of JAL’s domestic business in Japan. The top ten in the middle, and also has a "first" reputation in the Japanese aviation industry. Many old employees said that JAL is “the pride of them”. The income here is very good. You can get a bonus of 6 months of salary every year. The monthly bonus is twice that of other companies with the same education and the same age. "We all hope that JAL will be able to change this, and we will do our part in each change," Aiko told reporters.

Japan Airlines will be Japan's tomorrow?

The reason for the bankruptcy of JAL has become the focus of Japanese media attention. Kyodo believes that the main reason for the bankruptcy of JAL should be that it is affected by factors such as the global economic downturn and its performance is deteriorating. In the half-year financial report of Japan Airlines, the net loss was 131.2 billion yen, a record high. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun pointed out that some bureaucrats and politicians in Japan are engaged in "face projects" and are willing to build local airports. They then semi-mandatoryly require JAL to open new routes, and the new routes have no passengers. The huge loss of JAL. The newspaper pointed out with concern: Japan Airlines may be Japan's tomorrow.

Inamori Kazuo, who is considered a “pro-democracy entrepreneur”, will serve as the new chairman and CEO of JAL, in charge of restructuring. The 78-year-old Inamori Kazuo is the founder of two global top 500 companies, Kyocera and KDDI Telephone Company. His business philosophy is well-known in Japan.

Will change the global aviation industry map

The bankruptcy of JAL has become a microcosm of the global aviation industry's depression in recent years. First, the economic recession led to a sharp drop in passenger and freight demand in the first half of 2009. In addition, jet fuel prices rebounded rapidly after experiencing the bottom of the year, rising 44%, increasing the operating costs of airlines, resulting in unsatisfactory profit margins. However, China's aviation industry has already recovered from the global aviation industry. In 2009, China's civil aviation industry realized a total profit of 12.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year loss of 38.2 billion yuan, which has become a rare and beautiful scene in the global aviation industry.

Analysts said that the bankruptcy of JAL will throw a blockbuster in the global aviation market and change the global aviation industry. Reuters said on the 19th that the bankruptcy of JAL will cause the alliance between JAL and American Airlines to burst, and JAL may turn to form an alliance with Delta. US aviation industry analyst Michael Bowd said: "At that time, American Airlines will have to cross the Sea of ​​Japan to form an alliance with Chinese aviation companies, and China is the real source of power for the growth of the global aviation industry in the future." ( Global Times )

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