Jiangsu real estate investment growth slows quarter by quarter

The growth of real estate investment in Jiangsu slowed down quarter by quarter Xinhua News Agency in 2011 Jiangsu's real estate development investment to undertake the rapid growth of the previous year continues to maintain a high level of operation, but the growth rate showed a slight downward trend by season.

According to the latest statistics from the Statistics Bureau of Jiangsu Province, last year, real estate development in Jiangsu Province completed investment of 555.27 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.2%, and the investment amount accounted for 9% of the national total. From the perspective of growth rate, they were lower than the first quarter (33.9%), the first half (33.8%) and the first three quarters (33.6%), which was 7.7 percentage points higher than the growth in fixed asset investment over the same period.

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