"Jiangxi scenery is good" to go to Shanghai, the first shot of "Tourism Promotion Month"

On April 9th, sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, the tourism promotion month with the theme of “Jiangxi scenery is good” held a large-scale tourism promotion event in Shanghai. Leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Government and leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Government attended...

On April 9th, sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, the tourism promotion month with the theme of “Jiangxi scenery is good” held a large-scale tourism promotion event in Shanghai. The leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Government and the leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Government attended the launching ceremony of the event and jointly launched the Shanghai promotion activities. Wang Xiaofeng, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony and introduced the general situation and activities of Jiangxi tourism development. The Director of the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau gave a welcome speech at the launching ceremony. Tourism delegations of relevant cities and districts in Jiangxi Province, Shanghai Chunqiu, China Travel Shanghai Branch and marketing staff, news media, etc. attended the launching ceremony.


Signing Ceremony of "Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Jiangxi Province"

It is reported that before the launching ceremony, Jiangxi also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's HANATOUR Tourism Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Eastern Airlines International Tourism Transportation Co., Ltd. At the same time, Jiangxi's special tourism literature and art program "dance into" Shanghai Nanjing Road. It is reported that “Jiangxi scenery is good” promotes 45 events in the month of the month. It is the longest time in the history of Jiangxi tourism, the largest regional span, the most comprehensive resource portfolio, the most active projects, the highest promotion specifications, the fastest media follow-up, and network coverage. A large-scale tourism creative marketing campaign with the widest and highest working density.

Open the strongest creative marketing campaign in history

Jiangxi's beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, and excellent ecological environment make Jiangxi's tourism resources rank among the top in the country. Jiangxi has the "Four Famous Mountains" (Qi Xiu Jia Tianxia Mountain, Revolutionary Cradle Jinggang Mountain, Fenglin Wonders Sanqing Mountain, Taoist Zuting Longhu Mountain), "Four Cradles" (the cradle of the Chinese revolution Jinggangshan, the cradle of the People's Army Nanchang, The cradle of the People’s Republic, Ruijin, the cradle of the Chinese workers’ movement, “four thousand years” (the millennium porcelain capital Jingdezhen, the millennium famous building Tengwang Pavilion, the Millennium College Bailudong, the Millennium Ancient Temple Donglin Temple) and the “One Lake” (China’s largest Freshwater Lake Poyang Lake), "One Village" (China's most beautiful rural Wuyuan), "One Sea" (Yishan Xihai), "Yifeng" (Guifeng), "One" (Xiaoping Trail), "One City" Qingcheng) is represented by a large number of domestic and even world-class cultural tourism resources. In 1934, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote a poem entitled "Qingping Le Huichang" in Jiangxi, lamenting that "there are no old people in the mountains, and the scenery is good here."

The Jiangxi Tourism Promotion Month launches the tourism forces at all levels in the province. By organizing a series of colorful creative marketing activities, it will promote Jiangxi tourism resources and tourism products to the source market, and form a synergy to amplify the brand effect of “Jiangxi scenery alone”. Broaden the channels of tourists' transportation and promote the advantage of brand to the economic advantage. The promotion of monthly activities has four characteristics, one is rich in content. During the activity month, Jiangxi will focus on launching 45 tourism marketing activities, with great publicity, strong work density and wide coverage, unprecedented. The second is a variety of forms. During the activity month, we inherit both classics and innovations. There have been many consecutive tourism festivals, as well as new tourism events launched this year. Third, the carrier is rich. During the event, we fully used all kinds of traditional and emerging media resources such as TV, newspapers, radio, internet, Weibo, mobile phones, etc. to carry out all-round publicity, all kinds of means of communication all went into battle, and shouted for the tourism of Jiangxi. The fourth is the combination of internal and external. The event not only formed a momentum in the province, but also produced tangible effects and influences in the major source markets outside the province, which will make the “Jiangxi Landscape Only” brand sing the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. In addition, Jiangxi's tourist attractions will also be given a special preferential policy for tickets for this event from April to June (except for statutory holidays).

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