Last year, Putuoshan Bus Terminal safely welcomed more than 9 million tourists without accidents.

Recently, the reporter learned from the passenger transport station in Zhejiang Putuoshan, which had won a national civilized passenger terminal. Last year, the station created a good performance for accident-free visits (in and out) of more than 900,000 tourists.
2010 is the first year of the opening of the Zhoushan-Ningbo Bridge. The bridge replaced the ship and became the artery between China Unicom's land islands. Zhoushan not only became a peninsula linking the mainland, but also formally entered the "Bridge Time" from the "Archaeological era", which attracted a similar amount of traffic. . As the leader of tourism in Zhoushan, Putuo Mountain attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists with its unique Guanyin culture, natural landscape and cultural features. According to statistics, last year the station welcomed a total of 9.93 million tourists, which was an increase of 51.44% over the previous year.
The dramatic increase in the number of visitors to Putuo Mountain in the era of the Zhoushan Bridge has created many difficulties for the station to do a good job in passenger transportation. To ensure the safety of visitors to Shanxiang, last year the station focused on four key areas:
——Strengthen organizational leadership and improve the management network. On the basis of further improving the safety management network and safety management responsibility system, the safety responsibility indicators were subdivided into various departments and teams. At the beginning of the year, safety responsibility documents were signed at each level, and the accountability of departmental groups was linked to the station chain responsibility system. Make rewards and punishments according to regulations. And assigned three full-time security officers to carry out on-site supervision of security work, with 13 full-time security members assigned to maintain passenger order, set up a compulsory fire brigade and anti-risk commando;
- Adhere to the security regular meeting system. Adhere to the monthly security regular meeting system, pass regular production safety documents, summarize safety work in the previous stage, exchange experiences and lessons learned in safety production, and arrange safety production work in the next stage to resolve existing problems in a timely manner. And extensively launched employees to carry out the "safety production week", "hundred days safe and accident-free" competition activities and "check ideas, check the system, check the hidden dangers" as the main content of the safety education activities, and constantly enhance their employees' safety awareness;
——Strictly put “four customs”, namely, inspection and maintenance of facilities, inspection of dangerous goods, customs clearance, fixed ticket sales, and on-site management. Insist on unsafe facilities, not pay off passengers and not sell excess tickets, do not open overloaded boats, super sailboats, speeding boats, encounter the traditional Guanyin Fragrance Club and Golden Week and other holiday incense tourists, the station initiative and related departments Get in touch and increase the number of passenger ships in time to ensure the safe and smooth flow of passengers at sea;
——Efforts should be made to ensure the safety of major festive days and special weather. During the Spring Festival, “May 1st”, Guanyin Incense and other major festive days and special weather such as fog and typhoon, the station timely implemented emergency plans, organized personnel to actively respond to the passenger transportation facilities and equipment reinforcement to ensure that the passenger transportation facilities are intact. Each department is responsible for its work, cooperating with each other and doing a good job of evacuating, resettling, refunding, and transferring passengers due to wind-induced fog or other reasons. At the same time, do a good job in the "World Expo" during the passenger transportation safety work, according to the overall requirements of the "Shanghai Hucheng" security plan, organize the establishment of a security leadership team, with the station belonging to various departments, teams and individuals to sign the security responsibility letter, the preparation of the World Expo security emergency plan, The inspection system, and arrangements for five full-time security inspectors and three security team members to strengthen the personnel strength, with the public security department to make a real-name system to purchase tickets and embarkation work, the passenger and baggage inspection rate of 100%, for the Shanghai World Expo is successful Organized to create a good surrounding security environment.
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