Liner shipping industry gloomy operating oil prices within two months or higher than the freight rate

In view of the recent stagnant liner shipping industry and the unblemished operating environment for shipping costs, Maersk Shipping CEO Gordin recently responded in a public event in Singapore that the industry has already seen the trend of low freight rates as "unsustainable." There are even some analysts who have boldly predicted that in the next two months, the actual freight rate will likely be lower than the fuel price.

Talking about the global economic downturn, the liner shipping industry has shown no improvement and Gordin is helpless. The general decline in freight income, Maersk insisted on performing a total of 10 reloads of 18,000 cases of super-large container ships to South Korean shipyards. He explained: “Investing in shipbuilding is an investment in the future.” But he did not talk about the oversupply of ships and transport capacity across the industry. This caused the problem of poor shipping market income.

Low freight rate is forcing shipowners to “burn money”

Golding believes that in the first two quarters of this year, the shipping revenue of the liner shipping industry was not over the top two years. It was not the worst, nor was it good. In some regional routes, such as the Trans-Atlantic line, freight rates began to rise, and the Asia-Europe and Pan-Pacific lines were significantly affected by excess capacity. Taking into account the fuel adjustment factors, the freight rates of Asia-Europe spot routes are almost zero.

He said: "At this stage, most shipping companies will arrange new ships to be delivered on the Asia-Europe Railways. The reason is very simple. This is the only trade zone that can provide supply to meet these large ships, and it lacks flexibility. Some people even say that Now the freight rate is forcing the shipowner to 'burn money' and it is very harmful."

Some fund managers predict that in the next two months, the decline in substantive freight income will be lower than the marine fuel price. Maersk seems to be immersing himself in the cold. He is looking at whether supply will overwhelm demand in the second half of the year.

Golding said at a press conference that the key is to look at the volume of the peak season. “We have seen this kind of sign. Therefore, we are ready to invest in high capacity. The question is how large the peak season and how long the period will be to support the market to put in such a large capacity.”

Raymond Chung, an analyst at Singapore's CIMB International Research Group, predicts that the shipping industry's oversupply will be 5.1% this year.

Recently, a series of new shipping companies have been ordered by successive shipping companies. Many people are pessimistic and confused about the market. Golding has not responded to this year’s announcement that it has repeatedly ordered the building of 20 cargo ships loaded with 18,000 cases, which is too indulgent. He said, “This is actually a sound and forward-thinking investment. In the shipping industry, you cannot invest in the spot market because you will never benefit. When you invest in a ship, you have to take a longer-term perspective. ”

The ship company's frequent booking of a new large ship, Maersk, is expected to see a 5-8% increase in demand for Asian-European freight traffic between 2011 and 2015. "If this view holds, there will still be more capacity to put into service in the coming years."

Maersk Line also has a third option, which can be used to sign the final batch of 10 cargo containers with 18,000 containers. Golding said, "The batch of ships will be delivered as far as after 2015, and we do not feel that we need the boats in the foreseeable future."

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