Male and female students etiquette

1, to her school, must be very early to buy cakes and other school gates waiting for her. She gives you food, you must eat, or she will be angry 2, to accompany her on the holidays, remember, can not accompany her to eat "Spicy", should be the most hated of her in the festival "Spicy" to spend.

3, in front of her, bowling must beat worse than her, so she will be very happy. ^`P

4. The road to Shanghai should be very familiar, we must accompany her shopping in the high temperature of more than 40 degrees, and we must go for one afternoon and we cannot stop.

5, when climbing a mountain must be slower than her, to be behind her. Be sure to hold her hand when going down.

6, in the subway, be sure to look for her desperately, she will sit there waiting for you, quietly watching you running towards her. After meeting, be sure to wait a few subways. Don't be too busy. When you arrive at the station, you should take her off the train so that she will feel safe.

7. When you send her back home, you have to reluctantly look in your eyes. You must be able to walk away with her back and you must pray that she will return. If she really looks back, you shouldn't be too happy. Even if you are really happy, you can't show it.

8, for flowers, tea, literature, in short, she is interested, you must understand a bit, so that she will have a common topic, and she will not be looking for a topic every time.

9, she said to miss you, you must immediately appear, without any excuse and lateness. After I met you, if you saw her on the way home and missed you again, you would jump off the bus and immediately go back and see her again.

10. When riding her on a bicycle, she must ride slowly and ride firmly so that she will be satisfied. Remember, she is a very easy person to meet, so be as good as possible for her. She is a good girl.

11. When you go to the beach, you must bring her the voice of the sea. She will be touched, and she will be given as many stone stones as she can. She promises to take her to “the ends of the earth” and sit with her. Watch the sunset on the beach until she is asleep in your arms.

12. Don’t call her roommate in front of her as an “aunt”, so she will be sad and sad.

13. On her birthday, in front of many people, send her a rose, so she will feel very happy.

14, the most important thing is that you have to continual care about her, not only concerned about her on the surface, but also concerned about her deep inside. From her point of view to think about the problem. If she suddenly asks you, it means that she is really going wrong. Do not ask anything or why, after meeting and hold her tightly, all you have to do is care for her and comfort her. This is enough.

15, in front of her to be mature, there must be a juvenile look, do not have childish, this will make her feel like a mother, and she hates this feeling. Otherwise you will make her feel tired and disappointed.

16. When she speaks with you, you must listen and not be impatient. Especially when she tells her about her childhood, she must pay special attention to the fact that perhaps her hurt heart is hoping for your comfort.

17. If you have any problem between the two of you, do not solve it through a third party. This will stir things up. Take the initiative to find her, remember to take the initiative!

18. In front of her, we must say that she is beautiful, her voice is very good, and she respects the facts. She does not say anything. The girls are like this, and she is also an ordinary person.

19. When she is sent home, if she passes the door and she says she doesn’t want to go home, then you should never mention “go home” and accompany her to her junior high school to accompany her to Huangxing Greenland. In short, don’t mention “go home.” "Until she wants to go home."

20. The last point is to have confidence in her and yourself. To believe this: No matter what happens, you love each other forever, forever.

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