Nanjing consumers come to Huai'an complaint beauty salon "discard" members play missing

The old card can not be used for new products, must pay for fees, frequent changes of manager's manager, and non-compliance with the promise of the card. In recent years, beauty and body industries have been frequently complained, and some consumers have even encountered a card. No door" phenomenon. On April 19th, 2011, the Consumer Protection Section of Huai'an Qinghe Industrial and Commercial Branch again received a “beauty and beauty body” complaint case. The complainant was a couple from Cui Guihua in Nanjing who complained about a Huaian operator Liu Zhen in Wendeli, Xuanwu District, Nanjing. No. 66 was engaged in beauty and body services. Cui Guihua purchased a beauty and body package service of 13,650 yuan. After that, Liu Zhen borrowed 6,800 yuan from Cui Guihua for cash. Within a few days after delivery, Cui Huanhua came to the store when Liu Zhen discovered the store. The door was closed and Liu Zhen called again, but no one answered. . . . . .

In the “10-year-old shop,” Ms. Cui Guihua, who paid nearly 50 years without hesitation, pays attention to the instrument and prefers to dress. The years are not forgiving, wrinkles and chloasma all appearing in the face are quietly revealed, and the figure is also fatter than ever before. She is going to look for a health club that can both behave beautyly and physically. Hear friends say that a beauty and beauty club has branches in Nanjing and Huai'an. The scale is very large, and the owner Liu Zhen is a well-known person in the beauty industry. He has his own unique insights on the beauty and body. He has been operating for nearly 10 years and is considered an “old word of mouth”. . Cui Guihua met Liu Zhen with a friend's recommendation.

For the first time, Liu Zhen played with Cui Guihua very fiercely. Like the old sister who hadn't been seen for many years, she was very speculative. In addition to talking about beauty and maintenance, Liu Zhen told Cui Guihua about her family's annoyance. In order to demonstrate his sincerity, Liu Zhen personally provided a free beauty and body service to Choi Guihua. Cui Guihua was very happy in his heart and he wanted to be beautiful while also making a friend. On the same day, Cui Guihua bought a beauty and body service worth 13,650 yuan. In Liu Zhen, he organized a "premium member consumer card." I heard that Liu Zhen encountered some annoyance in his hometown of Huai'an, and urgently needed a sum of money. Cui Guihua couldn't bear to see Liu Zhen scowling. He took out 6,800 yuan in cash from the bag and lent it to Liu Zhen. Liu Zhen clung to Cui Guihua. Do all: "Sister, you are a great man, and I will return to you when the money in the store is turned around for a week. Afterwards, your business is my business!" After returning home, her husband heard that Cui Guihua had already processed the beauty card. Borrowed a small amount of cash to a stranger, complained that Cui Guihua gave money without asking. Cui Guihua reluctantly said: "People are 10 years old and can they run?"

"10-year-old shop" closed down after closing the Qinghe Consumer Protection to mediate for a few days, Cui Guihua came to Liu Zhen's club intends to enjoy the "beauty and body service", did not expect the store closed, the door posted a notice: There is something in the boss's home, and the company is temporarily out of business. Members are kindly requested to understand! Cui Guihua quickly called Liu Zhen, but no one answered the phone. Cui Guihua panicked and knew that Liu Zhen also had several branches in Huai’an city center. He quickly went home to let her husband accompany him to Huai’an to find Liu Zhen. At the Huai'an store, Cui Guihua’s couple found Liu Zhen. Liu Zhen did not think that Cui Guihua had found money for this. He told Cui Guihua that it’s not a matter of not repaying the money, but that there is something in the family that only closed down to Huai’an and the Nanjing branch still had to operate. . Cui Guihua did not buy Liu Zhen’s account and was forced to help. Liu Zhen paid 8,000 yuan in cash to Cui Guihua and told Cui Guihua that the balance would be fully paid off in half a month.

After many setbacks, Liu Zhen did not return the balance to Cui Guihua. In desperation, Cui Guihua’s couple came to the Consumer Protection Bureau of Qinghe District Administration of Industry and Commerce to make a complaint and hoped that the relevant departments in Huai'an could protect their rights. The director of the Consumer Protection Division Yan was very upset when he received the complaint: First, considering that Liu Zhen was a Huai'an person, this consumer dispute occurred in Nanjing and involved jurisdictional issues. Second, he felt that the 12,450 yuan amount contained loans and was Eliminate the scope of harmonization. However, taking into account that Cui Guihua is a Nanjing person and she has no friends or friends in Huai'an, and her body is not good, Qinghe Consumer Protection Section decided to mediate for them. First calming Cuiguihua's emotions, she repeatedly went to work on Liu Zhen's ideological work. After patience and persuasion by the Consumer Protection Section staff, Liu Zhen finally agreed to pay off the arrears on July 30th. As of today, less than three days before the repayment date, the Consumer Protection Section staff told reporters that they would keep track of the matter until Liu Zhen paid off the balance.

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