New regulations of the Ministry of Railways: trains must not be cut for less than 15 yuan

Before the end of November, all the high-speed railway stations in the country can brush the second-generation resident ID card and China Railway Yintong Card to enter and leave the station. On the 17th, the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Railways issued the "Notice on Extending the Activities of Serving Passengers to Fight for Excellence" in the passenger window of the whole road.


On February 8, 2011, a flight attendant was selling water on the K702 train from Qingdao to Harbin.

Study the real name system ticket loss report process

The Ministry of Railways said that the bidding procurement and personnel training of real-name ticketing equipment will be completed before the end of the year, and the process of reporting the loss of the real-name ticket will be studied.

Provide a variety of payment methods, expand the scope of payment for bank cards, before the end of the year, the POS machines at all stations will be installed in place, and some high-speed railway stations will be swiped into the station. Before the end of November, the high-speed rail station completed the renovation of the gates, and supported the passengers to directly enter and exit the gates with the second-generation resident ID card and the China Railway Yintong Card.

At present, only the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail and the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city station support the passengers to purchase tickets, and then brush the second-generation resident ID card to enter the station.

Disabled people will reserve a special ticket amount

The Ministry of Railways will do a good job in ticketing for key passengers such as the disabled, and a special ticket-purchasing window will be opened at the larger station. Before the end of November, the train reserved for the special ticket for disabled persons will be put in place.

It is reported that for EMUs with special facilities for disabled persons, it is necessary to mark the disabled seats and wheelchair storage areas for easy identification and management. Two to three years, some trains will be rehabilitated for disabled people, new passenger cars with complete facilities for disabled people will be built, and barrier-free facilities will be transformed for second-class and above stations. Blind roads, high-station platforms, barrier-free elevators and slopes will be added. Tao, etc., set up a special ticket for disabled people, and add some auxiliary facilities or appliances that are convenient for disabled people.


1 box of lunch below 15 yuan

The Ministry of Railways requires that localized catering be implemented in Beijing before the end of the year; in the first half of next year, the bureaus will strive to achieve localized catering in areas where conditions permit. Optimize the meal structure, the EMU meal selection pre-packaged lunch, the meal structure should be based on the cold chain, the rice mouth is properly supplied with the hot chain, the ordinary passenger trains play the conditions of the dining car on-site production, promote the standardized recipes, and promote the finished products, semi-finished products and clean dishes. boarding. Take the railway bureau as the unit, formulate and improve the management methods for catering products before the end of the year, and improve the unified procurement mechanism. All bureaus should clarify the list of commodity varieties and commodities for passenger train sales, and set reasonable prices according to the principle of quality and price, and announce to passengers that it is strictly forbidden to sell “three noes” and counterfeit and shoddy goods. It is necessary to ensure that the passenger train has a supply of mineral water of less than 2 yuan and a box of rice of 15 yuan or less, and must not be cut off.

2 Trains are delayed in time to report the reasons

The Ministry of Railways notified the request to increase the punctuality rate of passenger trains. All departments of the vehicle mechanics should improve the quality of equipment maintenance and repair, and greatly reduce the delay of passenger vehicles caused by equipment failures and inadequate construction management. Strictly follow the chart to drive, timely adjust the operation of the late train and passengers to take the landing organization, try to restore the passenger car punctuality. We will improve the information notification system for passenger cars at a later date. The dispatching department should promptly inform the station vehicles and the passenger service centers of the bureaus of the late arrival time of the passenger car, the reason, and the planned schedule of the passenger car. The passenger transportation department should strengthen the relevant information notices and do a good job of apology for train delays. . Strengthen the analysis of the passenger car late, analyze the passengers of the inertia late passenger car organization, analyze the serious passenger car organization shift, implement the responsible unit and the responsible person, and pursue the serious responsibility.

3 bedding clean toilet with toilet paper

The Ministry of Railways requires the development of the acceptance criteria for station cleaning and cleaning, the supervision of the quality of the station cleaning, and the improvement of the quality of the station cleaning. Strict management of passenger vehicles, strengthen the publicity of passengers and timely stop throwing garbage outside the car, and strictly implement the management system of ordinary passenger car window switches in the train running section of EMU. Reasonably arrange the train operation map, increase the train return time, ensure the bedding replacement and cleaning operation time, and focus on solving the problems of lying products, passenger car skin, air conditioner air conditioning port cleaning quality is not high, and toilets are not placed according to the regulations.

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Newly purchased 500 speed passenger cars during the year

This time, the Ministry of Railways plans to increase investment in general passenger transport.

The Ministry of Railways said that in order to meet passenger demand for general passenger transport, the Ministry of Railways plans to purchase 500 new buses before the end of the year. Appropriate subsidies were granted to the Department of Renovation of 11,924 AC380V power supply air-conditioned buses and 2,230 inter-office direct-going green leather vehicles. For the 553 passenger cars that were not repaired according to the plan, the maintenance costs were implemented by the Ministry and the factory repairs were completed before the Spring Festival.

The Ministry of Railways also said that in the first half of next year, on the basis of the survey of passenger flow, according to the conditions of adjacent trunk lines and the delivery schedule of vehicles, the train operation plan for the Harbin-Dalian and Beijing-Shiwu Passenger Dedicated Lines will be arranged in advance. We will strive to gradually replace all inter-department express trains and in-train express trains into air-conditioned vehicles in two years, and gradually upgrade some existing express trains and express trains to 25T-type vehicle bottoms; in the appropriate section, additional sections will be opened to the public. For express trains, some trains will be opened in sections with relatively large transport capacity and large passenger flow demand. It is necessary to expand the scope of tourism trains, actively explore the tourism market, and provide passengers with extended services such as travel, accommodation, ticketing, and intermodal transportation.

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