Old furniture recycling business difficult to do

"By buying new furniture, old furniture can't be disposed of. The recycling company doesn't accept it. There is no place in the house. It's very worrying." Recently, people have often heard complaints from the public. This reporter learned that because of the low value of used furniture, low profits, and relatively high recycling costs, many material recycling companies are reluctant to recycle used furniture. Problems with difficult handling of old furniture often plague consumers.

The old furniture was dealt with as a puzzle festival. Many shopping malls were engaged in discounts, promotions and other activities. The major furniture markets were no exception, and they had played a variety of concessions. Many consumers want to buy some new furniture at the time of promotion, but the handling of this old furniture really makes consumers worry.

Mr. Wang bought a new sofa with a promotion, and his old sofa was still at home. “This new sofa was bought back to the furniture market last week. As soon as New Year’s time, many businesses have given discounts, and the profit margin is still quite large. It’s just that my old sofa has been used for many years, so I’m taking advantage of the business. Discounted to buy this sofa." After setting up a new sofa, Mr. Wang would like to deal with the old sofa at home. “I contacted several material recycling companies. After hearing my brief introduction, no one was willing to recycle old sofas from my family. They all said that the company did not collect old furniture. I thought that the old sofa could be easily disposed of and I didn’t expect to wait. After Xinsha sent it, my old sofa was still at home and I couldn't handle it at all.” Mr. Wang introduced that at present his family has two sets of sofas, one is new and the other is old.

Ms. Li, who was also involved in the handling of old furniture, was the same as Mr. Wang. “A year ago, because the door of my large wardrobe was broken, I bought a new large wardrobe. At that time, many material recycling companies heard the wardrobe cabinet. After the door had a problem, I refused to recycle it.To make room for the new big closet, I opened the old big closet and opened it in the storage room. In the past year, I asked about material recycling companies that can recycle my old big wardrobe. There is no connection, and now there is a big wardrobe removed from my storage room. I really don't know when I can handle it.” Ms. Li told reporters.

When the reporter visited some residential districts in Chaoyang District, Beijing, it was discovered that unused old furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables were randomly stacked in the courtyard of the community, which not only occupied the space of the citizens’ activities but also affected the beauty of the community. “No way, the owners alleged that there was no place for this old furniture home, and material recycling companies did not recycle it. They could only be placed in the yard of the community. Our property often communicated with the owners, but these old furniture could not be disposed of.” Chaoyang District, said a security guard.

Low-cost, high-cost, old-fashioned furniture recycling Difficulties in old-fashioned furniture handling make it difficult for citizens. The key is that material recycling companies are reluctant to recycle old furniture. It is understood that these materials recycling companies generally refuse to recycle because old furniture has low profits and high recycling costs. “The old furniture is recycled, but it depends on what material it is. If it is panel furniture and the service life is longer, our company still refuses to recycle. Solid wood furniture can also be considered.” said a staff member of a material recycling company. This reporter learned that the general furniture is mainly divided into two major types of wood and wood, solid wood furniture used are solid wood, recycled after re-polishing and then painted, it can be said there is the possibility of secondary use Sex. However, panel furniture is not the same. Particle board or compression board is used. This kind of board is made of broken wood. After unpacking, the wood cannot be reused to make new furniture. If the board is exposed to water, it will swell and deform easily. The utilization of sheet furniture after recycling is low.

Mr. Zhang is a self-employed person who recovers professionally owned materials near a residential area in Fengtai District of Beijing. Since he has not found a suitable job, he has to support his family and therefore chooses to recycle old things in residential areas. Mr. Zhang said that the profit of recycling old furniture is very low. It does not have as much profit as recycling old home appliances and it sells so well. “For the old furniture used by residents, there are few people who want to buy back. These old furniture are not easy to sell after recycling. The old office furniture used by the unit is relatively easy to sell, and it can earn some money. Therefore, in the old furniture recycling market, old furniture belonging to office supplies is relatively popular." "Refusing to recycle old furniture is not only due to low profits after recycling, but there is also an important reason for the high cost of recycling. The people who live in the 5th or 6th floor want to deal with the old furniture in the home, which requires the material recycling company to move the old furniture downstairs, which not only requires labor costs, but also requires handling costs. There are few profits, many material recycling companies are too lazy to accept such business.If the state can give some policy support for recycling old furniture, such as subsidies provided by the government, these material recycling companies may be willing to recycle the Old furniture," said an industry insider who declined to be named.

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