Practical application of ion drift technology in security industry

In the field of security, ion drift technology is a very widely used technology, mainly used in the detection of explosives, drugs, biochemicals, and other leaks. Maybe these tests have seen a lot of people, but this technology is estimated that everyone rarely hears. So today we will introduce the application of this technology.

The so-called ion drift phenomenon is based on the detection of a small amount of ions emitted by an object in the air. Any object emits some of its own constituent ions in its air. We call this phenomenon ion drift.

The general detection method is to radiate and synthesize these trace ions through radioactive elements and then analyze them. The application of this principle has been involved in many security areas. Such technologies are used in airports, metro explosive devices, and biochemical detectors in buildings. Then let's talk about the application of this technology.

Application on security inspection and detonation Today, the products that are more widely used in this technology are mainly from Russia and the United States. In terms of product technology, the rear end of the explosive detector must be connected to the power supply, and batteries can also be used. Detecting the package by suspicious objects through the front end. The detection can be selected as target proximity detection or test strip detection. Proximity detection requires explosives personnel to wear explosive suits for detection, which is more dangerous but has higher accuracy. The detection of the test strip is to use the standard test strip to wipe the suspicious object, and the wiped strip is tested with the machine. Although this method is safe, the accuracy is not as high as the former, and it is easy to misreport. In addition, explosive devices are vulnerable to wind and sand and require regular maintenance. Otherwise it affects the detection accuracy.

Interested friends, you can see a white standby machine next to the X-ray machine at the subway. It is an explosive detector.

The use of detectors for building inspection in general buildings is fixed. The detectors are deployed within the effective detection range of the detectors in turn and the principle of deployment is emphasized in key areas. Once any dangerous items such as biochemicals or explosions appear in the building, dangerous ion ions will be captured by the explosive detector and the linked alarm system will alarm. Because the object of this detection method is difficult to determine (in a building you do not know where there are dangerous goods) all arming is widespread and costly. It is generally only used by high-level government agencies and corporate headquarters.

Summarizing the application of ion drift technology in the security industry, although widely used, they are all applied to sophisticated security. The main reason is market demand and cost issues. However, with the increasingly severe global counter-terrorism situation, in the near future, this technology will certainly be applied in the field of general security. Because terrorism is the enemy of the whole world, it is the enemy of the entire people. At present, in countries with severe anti-terrorism situations such as the United States, anthrax heat alarms and explosion-proof alarm systems have been installed in ordinary civilian activity venues.

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