QQ computer housekeeper reminds: summer travel booking must be cautiously scam website ambush

As the summer season approaches, more and more parents will arrange for children to travel as a way to relax and increase their knowledge. Getting information through travel websites, online booking has begun to become a lot of people to arrange...

As the summer season approaches, more and more parents will arrange for children to travel as a way to relax and increase their knowledge. Getting information through travel websites and online booking has become the first choice for many people to arrange their trips. At the same time, many lawless elements have also sneaked in, and related online ticket fraud and information theft activities are rampant. According to media reports, the Dalian police detected a large-scale "purchase ticket" online fraud case. The suspect used the phishing website of the virtual air ticketing network and the "400" telephone to defraud the customer's purchase ticket in the name of purchasing a low-priced ticket. Up to more than 100 million yuan.

QQ computer housekeeper security experts pointed out that such a fake website, Trojan implanted Scam is nothing new, now fake websites, hacking Trojans, and even formed an industrial chain, QQ computer housekeeper reminds users: cautious identification of authentic websites At the same time, you must also choose professional security software, do not cause unnecessary property damage due to temporary care.

Polish your eyes and guard against the network "Li Gui"

Professionals say that there are two main types of online fraud for travel bookings. One is to hang the horse on a regular travel website, when the user invades his computer while browsing the website, in order to steal account information. Many travel websites, such as Youyou.com and Kanghui.com, have been hacked. Open the "Web Firewall" function of QQ Computer Manager to monitor the activity of the webpage in real time, effectively blocking malicious URLs and Trojan attacks on the system.

The other is to make a fake phishing website to defraud the user's ticket. According to China Anti-Phishing Website Alliance data, only 2,635 "phishing websites" were processed in April, and most of them imitated Taobao and Ctrip. This type of deception is more complicated. If there is a Trojan horse hacking, there is a registration fraud to obtain account information, and there is also a "consultation call" to direct the transfer of funds.

Don’t take it lightly

In addition to logging in to the website, you must see if the domain name is accurate, and cultivate the habit of logging in to the shopping website and online banking account from the official website. At the same time, in conjunction with the use of real-time property protection tools, experts recommend the "property bodyguard" function of QQ computer housekeeper. A large class of commonly used software and websites for effective real-time protection to filter potential threats when paying online.


Finally, QQ computer housekeeper reminds the majority of netizens that security software can protect your network system from Trojans and phishing websites, but now many criminals, after online "sales", require ATM machines to transfer funds or request payment in the name of refund. Margin and so on. The author consulted the major regular booking websites to understand that this form is almost a scam, and netizens should not take it lightly.

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