Shanghai Airport Enables Remote Check-in at Kunshan Terminal, Jiangsu Province

Xinhua Net Hai, January 20 (Reporter Jia Yuanxuan) On the 20th, the Kunshan Terminal Building built by the Kunshan Development Zone Administrative Committee, Shanghai International Airport Co., Ltd., and China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. was formally launched. This is Shanghai. For the first off-site terminal within the aviation hub's radiation range, the airline will realize long-distance check-in to further facilitate passenger travel.

It is reported that the Kunshan Terminal Building is the first cross-provincial and city terminal building with international and regional flight check-in functions. It sits on an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters, creating the most remote terminal building area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta, and selling tickets. , Check-in, VIP breaks, long-distance buses and other functions are all in one, which provides great convenience for Kunshan passengers to take Pudong International Airport flight.

Kunshan, as the east gate of Jiangsu, is within easy reach of Shanghai. Its inherent regional advantages have been most directly and obviously affected by Shanghai's economic spillover benefits, attracting a large number of investors at home and abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. At present, there are as many as 160,000 Taiwanese businessmen investing and working only in the Kunshan and Taicang areas. The investment and enthusiasm of world-renowned companies are also increasing year by year, which reserves sufficient passenger resources for air travel.

In the initial stages of completion and use of the Kunshan Terminal, Eastern Airlines will use a remote check-in model, supplemented by traffic convergence facilities, to provide passengers with boarding services for Pudong international, regional and domestic flights. Initial implementation of ticketing - check-in - bus transportation - Pudong Airport boarding and other basic service functions. That is, passengers purchase tickets at the terminal and obtain the boarding pass from Pudong Airport to their destination. They arrive at Pudong Airport on a comfortable bus and then take the Eastern Airlines plane to their destination.

At present, for checked passengers, they need to go to the Eastern Airlines check-in counter to check baggage after arriving at Pudong Airport. The long-distance check-in model adopted by CEA in the new terminal will create a more efficient and convenient travel environment for passengers, and it will truly achieve continuous continuity from ground-to-air flight services.

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