Shipping export cargo booking problems

1. After the export company completes the goods and certificates, fill out the formulation letter of authority, attach other necessary documents such as COMMERCIALINVOICE, PACKINGLIST, etc., and entrust the forwarder to the booking. Sometimes also commissioned its agent declaration, and the storage and transportation of goods and other matters.

2. After the freight forwarding agent accepts the booking request, he will tamper with the container cargo consignment note and accompany the other necessary documents such as COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LIST, etc. to handle the booking with the shipping company.

3. According to the specific conditions, if the shipping company accepts the booking, the number on the consignment note will be numbered with the B/L number. Fill in the name, voyage and sign. This means that the shipper has been confirmed. In the meantime, the documents related to the shipper such as Shipment Order (S/O) and Shipment Order (S/O) are returned to the shipper.

4. S/O signed by the shipper’s ship holding company, customs declaration form for export goods, COMMERCIALINVOICE, PACKINGLIST, etc., together with other relevant export documents, shall go through customs formalities for export goods to the customs.

5. The customs checks the exported goods according to relevant regulations. If they agree to export, they will release the seal on the S/O and return the S/O to the shipper.

6. The shipper's S/O signed by the shipper with customs stamps requires the master to load the cargo.

7. After loading, the master of the captain signs the M/R (Mate's receipt, first pair receipt) to the shipper.

8. The shipper holds the M/R and exchanges the original on-board bill of lading to the shipping company.

9. The shipping company will issue the original bill of lading with the M/R and hand it to the shipper for settlement.

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