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[May Point Network] In the hot summer days, the hot air makes people who have lived in the city feel depressed and boring. It is a yearning for many people to enjoy the coolness of a summer. In general,...

[May Point Network] In the hot summer days, the hot air makes people who have lived in the city feel depressed and boring. It is a yearning for many people to enjoy the coolness of a summer.

Generally speaking, summer destinations are nothing more than three categories: beaches, mountains and pastures. How do you choose a destination that suits you? I visited the tourist expert Yan Dan of Ms., please ask her to recommend some of the most suitable summer resorts for the summer vacation destination, and the Xun Xun Holiday Channel provides a rich summer summer route for everyone to choose.

Beachside summer

The benefits of the island are not only that the temperature is a few degrees lower, but the most important thing is that there is a natural large swimming pool, not only big, but also clean, transparent, and smooth, people in the sea, you will not say: 噢, annoying summer.

When you mention the beach to avoid summer and summer, you can't help mention Beidaihe. In summer tourism, China has always had a saying of four rivers and four mountains, one of which refers to Beidaihe. Beidaihe is located in the southwest of Qinhuangdao City, bordering on Bohai Sea in the south and Lianfeng Mountain in the north. The beach is long and winding, the sand is soft and flat, and the water surface is cool and sleek. During the summer season, the climate here is pleasant, and you will feel at ease during the summer. However, according to the latest news, Yu Xun travel experts remind you that the South and North Daihe are overcrowded and need psychological preparation.

The traditional summer resort of Dalian, the famous tourist attraction Jinshitan, due to the oil pipeline explosion accident, the pollution situation is still serious. Jinshitan's daily clean-up investment amounted to nearly 3 million yuan, and it was loaded with more than 70,000 barrels on that day. It is understood that the government has basically decided to change the sand in the Jinshitan area. In addition to the Golden Pebble Beach, the polluted areas include Tiger Beach and Bo Shiwan, well-known tourist areas in Dalian. July is the local tourist season, the famous tourist attraction Jinshitan, 35 kilometers away from the oil spill site. In the same period last year, an average of 150,000 people went to travel, but today there are very few tourists. Most hotels in Dalian and the development zone offer discounts. The planes from other places to Dalian are no longer tense, and some full-time shifts are not lacking.

Grassland summer

In the near future, the temperature in Inner Mongolia continues to be high to very high. The extreme maximum temperature is 30 degrees to 41 degrees in the whole region. Some areas of the Hulunbuir prairie are 8 to 9 degrees high. Such high temperature weather has affected the hot summer paragliding in the past. However, the friends who love the grassland are indifferent to the horses. On the one hand, this effect is temporary. After all, the hot weather is relatively short-lived. The recent rains will make the grassland cool again and pleasant. On the other hand, the temperature in the Aershan area of ​​Inner Mongolia is relatively cool, and it is still very suitable for summer grassland.

The Bashang grassland has also been very popular recently. Recently, the starting point for the renovation of the 111 National Highway Phase I (Hefangkou-Tanghekou), the important trunk line of Beijing Huairou, was upgraded to a two-way four-lane road. The citizens drove from Beijing to Fengningba. The upper grassland will be shortened from 5 hours to 4 hours, and it will be more convenient to go to the dam to avoid the heat.

Going up the mountain to summer

The name of "Summer Mountain Villa" tells you directly that this villa is designed to escape the heat. Chengde City is located in the northeastern part of Hebei Province. The mountains are surrounded by water, the forests are green, the scenery is beautiful, and the climate is pleasant. China’s largest existing classical royal garden “Summer Mountain Villa” and the large temple group “Outer Eight Temples” are located here. The entire temple is sturdy and simple, elegant and clear; the Ming Lake is plunging, the island is scattered; the plains are wild, the grass is green; the mountains are green, the trees are lush, it is cool.

Yan Xun travel experts remind you that there are many hotels around the villa. The hotels in the villas are in poor condition and the prices are expensive. If it is necessary to save the tickets, it is not necessary. The only advantage is that you can enjoy the night view of the villa. It is strongly recommended to visit the Summer Resort to guide the tour guide, or at least listen to it, and to increase a lot of knowledge of human history.

Qingdao Laoshan has always been a highly regarded summer resort. Lushan Scenic Area is a temperate maritime climate with an annual average temperature of less than 13 degrees. Due to the influence of the ocean, the summer temperature is lower than inland and the average temperature is 24 degrees, which is the most comfortable temperature for human body. The precipitation is 940-1073.7 mm, which is the wettest area in Qingdao. "Winter without cold and cold, there is no cool summer in the summer, there is a cool breeze", it is a good place for you to summer vacation.

Traveling to Jiuzhaigou is also a good choice for this summer. Yan Dan said that this year's southern flood season came early, affecting a large number of tourist cities in the south, but Jiuzhaigou was little affected by this public opinion, and there were no problems in transportation.

In fact, Jiuzhaigou has been the hottest and most popular holiday resort in the summer of the past years. It keeps the peak season all the year round and the pressure on passengers is relatively high. This year, because of the once-in-a-century Shanghai World Expo, some tourists will be diverted. In addition to the World Cup year, many fans and friends have to stay up late to watch the ball and can't travel for a while, so Jiuzhaigou has a rare relatively low season, which is given by various travel agencies. The Jiuzhaigou line tour is not only cheap, but also has direct flights. For those who have always wanted to travel to Jiuzhai, this summer is really a rare opportunity.

Yan Dan also said that the Jiuzhaigou area has a large temperature difference between morning and evening. It is recommended that friends who are going to travel to Jiuzhaigou to bring warm and cold clothes and rain gear, as well as standing medicine. The Jiuzhaigou area is a high-altitude area. It is not suitable for vigorous exercise. It is advisable to drink less alcohol and eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent altitude sickness. In the midsummer, the scenic area has strong sunshine and long-term outdoor activities. You need to wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen to protect the skin. Old and frail tourists are best equipped with small oxygen cylinders (available at pharmacies). Hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart disease patients should not visit Jiuzhaigou.

Although it is difficult to bear the heat nowadays, the pine forest in the Baishan District of Jilin Province, the breeze, the cool, has become a summer resort that people yearn for. In the northern slope of Changbai Mountain, tourists waiting to go up the mountain to watch the Changbai Mountain Tianchi often line up here. And next to the Tianchi, tourists who take pictures are everywhere. While marveling at the majestic and fascinating scenery, the tourists constantly press the shutter of the camera to set the beauty of Changbai Mountain as a permanent memory. On the west slope of Changbai Mountain, the Grand Canyon, the virgin forest, the mountain garden and other attractions are fascinating.

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