The actual retail sales in Switzerland are beautiful and USD/CHF maintains around 0.9530 fluctuations

On Monday (January 9th), in the European market in early trading, the actual retail sales in Switzerland were excellent. USD/CHF had not been suppressed, and the exchange rate remained unchanged around 0.9530.

Data show that in November, the actual annual retail sales rose by 1.8%, and the previous value decreased by 0.2%.

Previously, the data released by the Swiss Federal Government’s Economic Affairs Division (SECO) on Monday showed that unemployment rates in Switzerland continued to rise in December as companies adjusted their staffing levels to cope with falling product demand.

Switzerland's unadjusted unemployment rate rose to 3.3% from the previous value of 3.1% in December. This is the first time since last October that the unemployment rate has risen, with an expected rate of 3.2%. In October last year, due to the strength of the Swiss franc, the global economic growth slowed down the demand for the company's employees, and the unemployment rate was 2.9%.

In addition, Sullivan Brande, President of the Swiss Central Bank, has been reporting on profitability. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) stated on Saturday (January 7) that it will reassess the supervision of the central bank’s own transactions. Provisions.

The Swiss National Bank issued a statement saying that the central bank will comprehensively revise the relevant regulations and guidelines with the help of external experts in order to expand the use of its own account by members of the Council to conduct transactions involving financial instruments. The external auditor will review all transactions of all six members of the enlarged Council between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2011.

The total amount of sight deposits of the SNB as of the week of January 6 was 217.177 billion Swiss francs.

Technically, USD/CHF was rebounded by buying support at 0.9500 on Friday and closed higher for the third consecutive trading day and closed above the previous high point of 0.9546. The daily short-term moving average system has a long position, MACD and Stochastic keeps bullish. The intraday exchange rate support concerns about 0.9500, 0.9467, and near 0.9400; resistance concerns 0.9600, 0.9660, and around 0.9760.

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