The business etiquette you must meet

The business etiquette you must meet The interpretation of business etiquette in the Baidu Encyclopedia is: In the business activities, mutual respect of the code of conduct is reflected. Just as its literal interpretation, the core role of business etiquette is to reflect the mutual respect between people. In this way, it is particularly important for us to learn business etiquette. Education reflects the details and the details show qualities. The author has compiled the following several business etiquettes and is willing to help you to do more with less in business communication activities.

Welcome ceremony

When a guest visits, you should take the initiative to stand up from your seat, lead guests into the parlor or public reception area, and send them a drink. If you are talking in your own seat, you should be careful not to make the sound loud enough to affect the surroundings. colleague. Remember to always smile.

Business Card Etiquette

When applying a business card, use your thumb and forefinger to hold the two corners of the business card so that the front of the text is facing the other person. Use both hands to take the business card and carefully read the contents above. If you next talk to the other person, do not close the business card and put it on the table, and make sure it is not pressed by other things. This will make the other person feel that you value him. When attending a meeting, you should exchange business cards before or after the meeting, and do not exchange business cards with others during the meeting.

Introduction Etiquette

The courtesy introduced is decent and generous. The principle of introduction is to introduce low-level introductions to high levels; introduce young people to seniors, introduce unmarried people to married people, introduce men to women, and introduce local people to foreigners.

Handshake Etiquette

Pleasant handshakes are strong and powerful, which can reflect your confidence and enthusiasm, but should not be too hard and time is not too long, just a few seconds. If your hands are dirty or very cold or have water or sweat, you shouldn't shake hands. Just take the initiative to explain why you do not shake hands. The woman should take the initiative to shake hands with the other person while not wearing gloves and shaking hands. In addition, do not shake hands with others while chewing gum.

phone manners

In the telephone communication with the customer, no matter who made the call first, it must be remembered after the end: Always let the customer first hang up the phone. The customer is supreme, for the salesperson, this is not only verbally, but it must be kept in mind.

After the telephone communication with the superior, we must let the other party hang up first. This is respect for others. If you are a branch manager of a group, you call the headquarters. It is a small employee who happens to answer the phone. Although you are much higher than the small staff in terms of position, it is a leadership relationship between the headquarters and the branch. It is said that letting the other party hang up first will better reflect your workplace culture and leadership style.

After making phone calls with the opposite sex, as a man, from the etiquette, the woman should be allowed to hang up. This shows that you have a concern and respect for each other, and it also deepens the good impression on you. This is mainly for the telephone etiquette among friends in life.

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