The Real Estate Administration promotes the construction of "three major projects"

Recently, the Municipal Real Estate Bureau conveyed the spirit of the Party Congress in the whole system. The objectives and main tasks for the next five years pointed out by the Party Congress are the direction of the effort. The Bureau requires that the protection and improvement of people's livelihood be taken as the starting point and end result of the work, improve services, and innovate mechanisms, and promote the "three major projects". .

We will expand the coverage of insurance year by year. We will raise the standard of low-rent housing guarantee income by 45% per annum per capita disposable income in the previous year, lower the threshold for entry, improve the low-rent subsidy and the real-estate rent allocation. Accelerate the construction of accommodation rooms and shantytowns transformation houses to solve the housing problems of the poor employees of old enterprises and the difficulties of the people in urban villages. We will strive to achieve a housing security rate of more than 20% for urban residents within five years; the Bureau will fully implement the construction of livable projects for property management. Actively explore new models of property management, and continue to explore three-dimensional and multi-dimensional scientific management based on the establishment of a new three-level network management system in urban areas. In combination with renovation and renovation of old residential quarters, the property management work of abandoning residential communities will be improved, housing conditions will be comprehensively upgraded, and the people will be provided with a beautiful livable environment. The Bureau will further promote the supervision and construction of the real estate market. Further improve the real estate market regulation and control work, strictly supervise the real estate projects under construction and on-sale, strictly review the pre-sale approval procedures for commercial housing, and fully implement the online supervision, registration, and pre-sale funds supervision and control system.

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