The UK house price index continues to fall and GBP/USD maintains its low oscillation

On Tuesday (September 13), the Asian city held its low price oscillation in early trading. At present, it traded at 1.5835. Overnight, the pound/dollar hit a seven-and-a-half-month low of 1.5772 as a result of market risk aversion.

The data released by the UK on Tuesday showed that the RICS house price index was -23 for the three months ending in August and the previous value was -22, which indicates that the current housing price in the UK is continuing to fall. This again confirms that the current British real estate market remains The downturn will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the resurgent British economy. However, from another perspective, the decline in the house price index will also, to a certain extent, reduce the pressure on the Bank of England’s inflation, which will affect the scale of the Bank of England’s expansion of easing currency. Provided the conditions, the UK announced that the July CPI was 4.4% higher than the 2.0% cap set by the Bank of England.

Overnight, the international rating agency Moody's will lower the ratings of the three major French banks this week. This news severely weighed on the market risk sentiment, and caused by the rumors of the resignation of the European Central Bank regulator Stark last weekend and the impending bankruptcy of Greece. The market’s panic has not dissipated, and France’s negative news is the second round of shelling of market sentiment.

In the context of the European debt issue, which continuously weighed on market sentiment, the Asia-Pacific and European stock markets have fallen sharply. The French CAC has dropped 4.03%. The investors have sold off their predecessor assets, which has exerted pressure on the risk currency pound. There was a trial on the 1.5800 integer mark, but it did not effectively break below the 1.5800 integer mark.

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