Three misunderstandings of SOHO

There are three misunderstandings in SOHO that are out of time: I went to the library two times last week. In fact, the weekly plan is to go three times because last week I listened to government officials for a long time and I couldn't spare time again. coming.

In fact, it is very nervous. The essence of SOHO income is selling time. It is materialistic. There is no income if you don’t do anything. Since the paying party sees the result, there is no possibility of being lazy, and it may or may not have any income. Since it is in a weak market position, it’s time to sell. It is also very cheap.

In addition, SOHO is a business unit and it is an uneconomical business unit. Some work is trivial but it has to be done. And only oneself, there is no company brand can borrow, the customer is certainly more picky, details need to consider more. The most visited places are dry cleaners.

What's worse, there is such a social impression that some people around you think you have too much lingering time. They want you to do something for them for free, and thank you. If you refuse, they will think you are not too proud. So generally I am very proud.

Instability of income: Income is very stable. Because there is no quarterly award, the year-end bonus issue is more stable than the average staff. You work hard every day, of course, there will be corresponding income, otherwise you will not do it.

In fact, it is a pretext. The so-called income is unstable. Basically speaking, it means that there is less income. Since the SOHO is somewhat petty bourgeoisie, the essence of less income is wrapped in a rose, and it is masked by unstable income. There will be more income in the future, and the future will always look better today.

Of course, this is only hope. It should be less likely. The reason is simple: Less income is due to the disadvantageous position in the industry chain. This position does not change and income will not increase. At least only the passage of time is unlikely to naturally change the mutuality of buyers and sellers.

SOHO's biggest gain is autonomy: A formal job means that even if the work itself is busy again and people are bothered, it only needs to be busy until Friday, and then there are two days of rest. A formal job also means that the working hours are deterministic and rarely receive work calls outside of work hours unless you are a particularly important role.

I am a "particularly important character." You may receive calls from Monday to Sunday and you may receive calls from 8 in the morning to 11 in the evening. Sometimes I'm nervous when I call, and when I take a look, it turns out to be wrong. After a while, I didn't feel comfortable when I didn't get a call.

In fact, it is natural that as a client, it is reasonable to contact him when he works. Then he will think that the working hours of SOHO are unconventional, and therefore non-working hours are also reasonable. Many times I also strengthen this understanding of the other party, draft on Friday, and then promised to publish on Monday, then there is no rest day.

This does not involve economic issues. In the absence of economic pressure, the pressure is already very high. The neighbor is sometimes weird, and how this person does not go to work all day long. However, there is no emotion to take care of this.

What I want to say to some of my friends is: OK, keep this formal job at hand.

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