Tourism Bureau deploys various work for Spring Festival Golden Week 2011

On the morning of January 17, Chen Yaping, head of the Disciplinary Inspection Department of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau, presided over the meeting and deployed various tasks during the Spring Festival Golden Week 2011. Provincial Office of Tourism Bureau agencies, offices, center responsible person meeting.
Director Chen Yaping’s disciplinary inspection team led the participants to seriously study the National Holidays Office’s “Notice on Doing Well in the 2011 Spring Holidays Tourism Work” and deployed and put forward requirements for doing all the work during the Spring Festival Golden Week 2011.
In order to welcome and spend the Golden Week of the Spring Festival that is safe, enjoyable and peaceful, the meeting requested that each room and unit should combine their respective work responsibilities, conscientiously implement the spirit of the notice of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the National Holiday Office, and effectively carry out the spring holiday tour. The various tasks during the period. The Bureau’s Office and the Supervision and Administration Office must seriously deploy and implement the winter safety inspections of the agencies and the sub-units as well as the province’s tourism industry before the holidays, and carefully and meticulously inspect the fire prevention, theft prevention, water and electricity, and vehicles in the offices and dormitory areas. Other safety conditions eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in a timely and thorough manner to ensure safety, stability, and orderliness. Organs and units should strengthen the work on duty, conscientiously implement the duty shift system, strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership-to-leadership system, and maintain liaison with the relevant units at the top, bottom, and in the province, as well as directly; the on-duty personnel must timely and properly resolve problems encountered during the shift. And Report the situation to the leader of the class in charge; in the event of a tourism emergency, the supervision and management department and the relevant leaders and divisions and offices shall promptly coordinate the disposal. The market development office must do a good job of forecasting the market in advance and report the forecast to the National Tourism Administration on time. The Planning and Development Department must arrange in advance to do the travel statistics and reporting work during the Spring Festival. The Party Committee and the Personnel Education Department of the government must condolence retired veteran cadres and people in need before the festival; organize employees to carry out healthy and abundant sports and recreational activities. The Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision Agency shall arrange the on-duty work during the holiday period in advance to ensure that the complaints telephones are unblocked and that travel consultation and complaints are handled in a timely and careful manner. The provincial tourism information center must arrange daily website work on duty, publish travel information on the website in time, and submit publicity information to the National Tourism Administration and the media. The Office of the Bureau will use the short message platform to report the work of holiday travel to relevant leaders and units every day. The comprehensive laws and regulations office shall timely and comprehensively summarize the tourism work during the holidays and report to the leaders of the bureau and related departments.
After the meeting, the participating comrades actively organized the implementation of the conference layout.
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