Tourists who are required to regulate the implementation of travel contracts have the right to refuse the content of out-of-contract activities

As the golden week of the Spring Festival approaches, the Hefei Tourism Quality Supervision Bureau reminded citizens who have travel plans yesterday to pay attention to verifying whether the itinerary of the travel agency is consistent with the contract. If you have any problems, especially if you increase your own expense items and shopping times without authorization, you should promptly make corrections to the tour guide of the tour company. You can also consult the Hefei City or the local tourism quality supervision department for complaints.
“The public should choose the travel agency correctly, check whether the travel agency has a travel business license and business license, and prohibit the travel agency from advertising beyond its scope of business. The advertisement of the travel business must not use ambiguous and uncertain terms to deliberately mislead or deceive the tourists and the public.” The agency warned that when signing a travel contract with a travel agency, tourists should require that the number of shopping trips, the time of stay and the name of the shopping venue arranged by the travel agency should be stated in the contract. During the itinerary, tourists have the right to refuse to participate in shopping activities arranged by travel agencies and tour guides outside the contract. When participating in shopping activities agreed in the contract, they should carefully identify quality and price to prevent fraud.
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