USD/CHF oscillates in a narrow range, focusing on the SNB’s speech tonight

During the Asian trading session on Tuesday, USD/CHF showed a narrow range of fluctuations. Due to Greece's debt problems, the market was cautious. Market outlook concerns European session SNB Deputy Governor Jordan spoke at the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce.

Since the January 9 SNB President Hildebrand announced his resignation, due to market speculation, the SNB can maintain the lower limit of the euro exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs set in September last year, the Swiss franc All the way up, with USD/CHF touching 0.9113 at the lowest, and EUR/CHF touching 1.2030 at the lowest, approaching the lower limit of the Swiss franc’s previous exchange rate set by the SNB. However, afterwards, the Deputy Governor of the Swiss Central Bank, Jordan, pointed out that the central bank will implement the ceiling of the Swiss franc/euro exchange rate with "greatest determination". "We are ready to purchase foreign currency indefinitely when necessary." This makes the market cautious about the SNB forecasting.

The recent CHFEUR exchange rate against the euro and the US dollar mostly follows the trend of the euro and the US dollar.

USD/CHF fell sharply on Monday. In Asia and Europe, USD/CHF continued to fluctuate on the upside as QE3 expectations weakened and risk aversion pushed the US dollar higher. However, during the inter-American session, although the US stock market opened lower, the market risk sentiment was once again under pressure. However, subsequent speeches made by important officials in Europe and the United States raised the market risk sentiment and USD/CHF was under pressure. However, due to the fact that the debt problem in Greece is still pending, the market has become cautious.

Market outlook is concerned about the European session. Deputy Governor of the Swiss Central Bank, Jordan, speaks at the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce. He will then announce the Swiss National Bank's intention to exchange rates for the Swiss franc.

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